Best Practices for Printing with UV/LED Curable Inks on Film & Label Stock

In this informative webinar, three industry leaders join forces to share insights on the best practices for printing with UV/LED Curing Inks. Enercon Industries details the role corona treaters play in preparing film surfaces for proper ink adhesion. Siegwerk lends their expertise on matching the right ink formulation for your application. And, Phoseon reviews the latest trends in UV and LED curing technology.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How corona treatment improves surfaces energy and provides insurance for proper ink adhesion
  • When to use UV/LED curable inks for quality and value
  • Insights on LED curable ink formulations
  • How new LED curing technology is changing the printing industry
  • Matching the UV LED system to the needs of the printing application

Whether you’re interested in using UV curable inks for flexo or digital printing, this webinar will provide you with the insights you need to be successful.

Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success.

Enercon is a global leader in surface treatment technology. Our innovative team of application experts developed this presentation to help you understand the best practices for corona treating for printing labels and packaging. With over 40 years of industrial equipment manufacturing expertise Enercon is an avid presenter at industry conferences, associations and events including the following:


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