Improve Ink Adhesion with CoronaFlex™ Corona Treater

Improving ink adhesion has never been easier with the new CoronaFlex™ corona treater. It is specifically designed for high speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications.

CoronaFlex™ offers OEMs and printers powerful and reliable corona treatment through a compact footprint, intuitive operator interface and industry leading application expertise.

Touchscreen Control

Easy Operation

Improve Adhesion

Key Components

  • Powerful ceramic electrodes
  • Locking electrode drawer for quick changeover
  • High performance ground roll options
    • Bare Roll:  for standard applications
    • Conductive Ceramic:  prevents roll oxidation & reduces maintenance
    • “H” Non Conductive Ceramic: Enercon’s proprietary roll covering for High Definition Corona
  • Exhaust blower to cool electrodes & remove ozone
  • Reliable Power Supply Technology in two models
Narrow Web for Tag & Label
The purple glow of corona is visible through a viewing window.

Compak™ Pro Power Supply with Artificial Intelligence

Intuitive Touch Screen Remote Interface Control
Local/Remote/Network Control Options
Watt Density Control Option
Integrated Blower Control Option

Support & Data
Advanced Diagnostics
Data Logging- detailed fault & event logs
On-screen troubleshooting guides
Supervisory Password Lockout
Maintenance Reminders & Logs

Remote Support & Upgrades
Smart capture data for remote analysis
USB Data Download & Software Updates
Industry 4.0 compatible

CoronaFlex™ - Touchscreen Control Features

Standard Power Supply with Remote Membrane

Digital Watt Meter
Power Up/Down
LED Status Lights (Operating Status/Faults)
Manual or Remote Power & Auto Start Control

CoronaFlex™ System Components

Treater Station:
Electrode assembly drawer
Ground roll
Integrated interface (standard system)

Power Supply
High Voltage Transformer
Exhaust Blower (Enercon or Customer Supplied)


Integrate into any position on all OEM presses

All inclusive package engineered for easy start-up

Simple instructions to guide your installation & operation

Compak™ Pro - On Stand

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

CoronaFlex™ Pro

KEY FEATURES CoronaFlex™ Pro

  • Improve Ink Adhesion for Flexo & Digital Printers

  • Powerful Treatment

  • Easy to Use Intuitive Touch Screen Control

  • Treat Conductive & Non-Conductive Materials

  • Compatible with any OEM Printing Press

  • Treats Web Widths up to 32" (810mm)

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Which may be recommended or specified:

  • Customer Interface Cable

    Allows customer to easily and conveniently interface with the Deluxe Corona Flex system.

  • Compak™ Pro Remote Operator Interface

    Install in an area most convenient for your operators, including 20 Ft. interconnection cable.

  • Unwind/Rewind Stand

    Perfect for lab use, a cost effective solution for off-line treatment requirements

  • Deluxe Unwind/Rewind Stand

    Can run production volume material and speeds without an existing web line.

  • High Voltage Switching

    High Voltage Switching* option gives you this flexibility by allowing you to switch the corona on and off between sides.

    *Included with 2-Sided Corona Flex systems.

  • Hose and Fitting Kit

    Includes inlet blower adapter, station adapters, flexible ducting and all necessary hose clamps and fittings for 1 & 2 sided treaters.

  • Mobile Cart

    Power supply, treater, transformer and blower all mounted together for easy maneuverability from line to line

  • Power Supply Stand

    Compact footprint, includes mounting of Power Supply,
    HV Transformer and HV Switching.

  • Standard Remote Control Operator Interface

    Convenient access to power supply controls when the treater station is located in an inaccessible area. 20 Ft. interconnection cable included.

  • Spare Parts Kit

    Kits typically include common wear items like fuses, power components and mechanically stressed items.

  • Spare Electrode Cartridge

    Having a spare electrode cartridge enables you to continue production while performing standard maintenance/cleaning on the original cartridge.

CoronaFlex Unwind-Rewind Stand


Station Orientation

CoronaFlex™ - Station Orientation Options

Exhaust Orientation

CoronaFlex™ - Exhaust Orientation