Corona Treaters for Blown & Cast Film Extrusion Lines

Treatment options include fixed width, lane treating, skip & pattern treating

Lane, Skip, and Pattern Treatment - Click on the image to zoom in and out.

Common configurable components of a corona treater include the electrodes, the ground roll and the power supply.

Electrode Assemblies

Enercon’s CSO station design can be configured for all types of film extrusion surface treating applications. This well proven electrode assembly design offers  several beneficial features.

Ozone & Thermal Protection:

Exhaust through electrode assembly removes ozone from the work area and cools electrodes to maintain thermal stability.

ESO Airflow Graphic

Splice Protection & Fast Thread-up:

Pneumatically actuated electrode assembly pivots out of the way.

Splice Pass-through:

Assembly pivots to protect electrodes from unexpected splices.

Metal Electrode Assembly, Covered Roll - Pivots Freely

Easy Maintenance:

Hinged design enables easy clean-in-place maintenance.

Metal Electrode Assembly, Covered Roll - Opens for Cleaning


Fixed Width Treatment Bars or Rods: made from stainless steel to resist oxidation, these electrodes provide consistent treatment across the width of the electrodes.


Lane Treatment: Enercon's Performance Series™ offers stainless steel segmented electrodes featuring a positive push - pull locking mechanism for setting treat and no treat zones. Our Essential Series™ offers stainless steel flip segments for varying treat width.


Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

KEY FEATURES For Successful Blown & Cast Film Extrusion

  • Improve Surface Energy of Non-Conductive Films

  • Fixed Width, Segmented Lane & Pattern Treating

  • Stainless Steel Electrodes for Reliable Performance

  • Roll Covering Options: Silicone, Ceramic & More

  • Integrates with All OEM Lines

    Our corona treaters integrate with all leading OEMs including Hosokawa Alpine, Bandera, Macro, Reifenhauser, & Windmoller & Holscher (W&H.)

OPTIONS Roll Coverings

Silicone & Conductive Ceramic Rolls


OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Which may be recommended or specified:

  • Drive Packages

    Tendency, Direct Drive, & Speed Matching

  • Idler Rolls

  • Network Communication

  • Nip Rolls

  • Spare Electrodes

Corona Treater Wireframe