Corona Treater Start-Up Assistance

Enercon’s start-up assistance programs are used by leading converting and extruding operations to verify their corona treater installations follow Enercon’s best practice recommendations. During start-up assistance a factory trained engineer from Enercon will work with your team and review all aspects your corona treater installation including; safety, utilities, mechanical & electrical integration, materials used, & application set up.

Enercon highly recommends start up assistance for customers who want assurance that their system has been installed correctly and is ready for operation. Customers who take advantage of this service find their operations get up to production speed more quickly and benefit from more uptime.

Start-up Assistance is available from Enercon at a reduced service rate and goes beyond verification. Enercon engineers also provide your personnel with comprehensive training on set up, operation, application troubleshooting and best practices for properly maintaining your system.

Film Surface Treating Start-up Assistance Overview

Complete inspection of the system to ensure proper installation.

  • Station grounding
  • High voltage wiring & connections
  • Safety interlocks
  • Exhaust ducting
  • Blower
  • Air flow
  • Drives

Hands-on training for your Operators and Maintenance personnel.
Review of your maintenance procedures, spare parts inventory and custom recommendations.
A report detailing any recommendations or action items.

Companies who take advantage of this assistance program benefit from identifying underlying installation issues that could lead to short or long-term problems. And, in person training of operators & maintenance personnel provides them with the education they need to ensure proper set up, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Start-up assistance is available for systems that have been purchased directly from Enercon and through an OEM as well.

For more information, please contact Enercon’s Service coordinator to set up a visit for your equipment. Please note, startup services require two weeks’ notice for scheduling. To contact us please use the form below or call +

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