Press Releases

Enercon to Open New Corporate Headquarters

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce it is constructing a new facility to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

Automotive Parts Supplier Eliminates Hazardous Adhesion Promoter with Enercon Plasma Treating Technology - Saves $850,000, Improves Productivity & Quality while creating a Safer Work Environment.

The integration of an Enercon plasma surface treater into Champion Plastics (Auburn Hills, MI USA) operations will save the company $850,000 on a multi-year project they have with General Motors.

Nick Siler Named Enercon Industries Corporation Chief Operating Officer

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce that Nick Siler has joined Enercon Industries Corporation as Chief Operating Officer.

Jake Hanson Promoted to VP Manufacturing of Enercon Industries

Hanson has been instrumental in helping Enercon achieve a leadership position with surface treating and induction sealing technology solutions. In this leadership role, he’ll combine his experience with customer applications with his analytical and problem-solving abilities to support the growth of Enercon as it expands to better serve our customers.

Mike McConnell Joins Enercon Industries Corporation as Sales Director

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce that Mike McConnell has joined Enercon as Sales Director- Surface Treating. “With experience as both a Sales Engineer and Global Product Manager, Mike has the technical aptitude and business expertise that will be a great benefit to Enercon customers. His consultive customer focused approach aligns precisely with Enercon’s core values.” says Ryan Schuelke Enercon President & Chief Sales Officer.

Mike Ritterling Joins Enercon Industries Corporation as Technical Support & Field Service Manager

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce that Mike Ritterling has joined Enercon in the newly created position of Technical Support & Field Service Manager. The position centralizes leadership & coordination of Enercon’s Field Service Engineers & Technical Support departments who provide phone support, field service, & start-up assistance to Enercon customers. Enercon’s Support Group is the largest in the industry for the products and applications they support.

Ryan T. Schuelke Promoted to President / Chief Sales Officer
of Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan T. Schuelke to President / Chief Sales Officer. The promotion expands Schuelke’s responsibilities which as Chief Sales Officer includes oversight of Enercon’s  Cap SealingObject Treating & Web Treating Sales teams, as well as Parts & Customer Support Teams.

Brian Croke Promoted to VP Technology of Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Croke to Vice President of Technology. In this new position, Croke will lead Enercon’s Engineering and Product Development Teams for web surface treatinginduction cap sealing, and object surface treating product lines.

Integrated Corona Treating System for Labs & Offline Production

Enercon offers a fully integrated, turnkey corona treating system that is perfect for lab use as well as offline production. Both standard and deluxe systems are available with either corona or plasma treaters. 

Ryan T. Schuelke Promoted to Chief Sales Officer of Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan T. Schuelke to Chief Sales Officer. In this newly created position, Schuelke will have responsibility for leading Enercon’s Cap SealingObject Treating & Web Treating Sales teams, as well as Parts & Customer Support Teams.

SERVIFLEX ARCO colabora con los clientes de Enercon en Colombia en la Implementación de tecnología de vanguardia de tratamiento de superficie

Con más de una década de experiencia representando los principales fabricantes de equipos SERVIFLEX ARCO les ofrece experiencia, orientación y apoyo para garantizar la implementación exitosa de nuevas tecnologías para convertidores y extrusores de películas. Como representante de Enercon, Serviflex ofrece a sus clientes en Colombia tecnología de punta en tratamiento de superficies, incluyendo Corona, Plasma, Flama y Ozono.

Enercon Tech & Support Helps Converters & Film Extruders Grow at Record Pace

Business is booming for Enercon’s customers in the converting and film extruding businesses. And, at no other time in history has the relationship between equipment users and suppliers been more important. The impact of the global pandemic magnified the importance of reliability and support. Customers who have selected Enercon for their surface treating needs are outperforming others as their businesses are rapidly growing. Over the past year, Enercon supplied a record number of solutions for both repeat and new customers who recognize the value of customized technology, application expertise, reliable performance and world class support.

Malaysian Extruders & Converters Rely on Enercon representative PS Equipments for Technology & Support

PSEQ’s General Manager Joseph Looi says that converters in Malaysia are moving towards non-solvent inks and adhesives. There are many benefits of water-based formulations including environmental, safety and lower costs. However, what many converters are quickly learning is that corona treatment is required to achieve successful adhesion with water based inks, coatings, laminations and adhesives.

Enercon Releases New Technical Paper on Pretreatment Solutions for Improving Adhesion of Electronic Applications

Plasma treaters work to clean, etch and functionalize electronic surfaces to improve adhesion by increasing bonding sites. Blown ion plasma and flame plasma are effective and repeatable treatment methods that take the guesswork out of electronics manufacturing bonding processes.

This new technical paper from Enercon discusses why surface energy is important and how it can be increased to improve bonding and adhesion.

Enercon Releases New Technical Paper on Determining Which Surface Treatment Technology is Best for Specific Applications

As the only industry supplier who manufactures corona, plasma and flame treatment technologies, Enercon Industries Corporation offers unique insights on how these technologies compare. This new technical paper from Enercon evaluates each technology with a look at how the application is the ultimate deciding factor for determining which is best.

Enercon Invests in New CNC Equipment to
Support Manufacturing Growth & Flexibility

Enercon is committed to reducing costs and expanding capabilities and this is demonstrated by the company’s recent investment in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment. The technology allows for precision and repeatable manufacturing of both simple and complex parts.

New Enercon Custom Discharge Heads for Blown-ion Plasma Treaters Enable New Applications for Difficult to Reach Surfaces

Enercon is pleased to announce new capabilities for producing custom plasma surface treating discharge heads that greatly expand the use of plasma treating for hard-to-reach, recessed surface areas.


New Technical Paper on Solventless Laminating Best Practices From Industry Experts Nordmeccanica, Dow and Enercon

This new technical paper from Enercon, Dow and Nordmeccanica discusses the importance of understanding the basic principles and variables of the solventless laminating process to maximize production and reduce waste.

Enercon Introduces the New CoronaFlex™ Pro Corona Treater

Enercon introduces the CoronaFlex™ Pro, a narrow web corona treater.

Enercon Power Supplies with Artificial Intelligence Enable Remote Support

Enercon’s newest power supplies provide converters and extruders with multiple options for remote support.

Enercon Now Offers Virtual Assistance

In these unprecedented times when travel is difficult, Enercon is pleased to announce our newest support offering: Virtual Visits.

Enercon Now Offers Virtual Assistance for Object Treating

In these unprecedented times when travel is difficult, Enercon is pleased to announce our newest support offering: Virtual Visits.

Enercon Releases New Technical Paper on Proper Dyne Testing Methods to Support Corona Treating Operations

This new technical paper from Enercon provides the industry with insights on how to properly conduct the most common dyne testing methods: dyne pens, the cotton swab method and the Mayer Rod test.

Enercon Introduces New Flame Treater Providing Uniform, Long-Lasting Treatment Levels with Advanced Control for Integration

Enercon’s New Flame Series Pro is ideal for operations who want powerful & reliable flame treatment with higher levels of system control and integration. The Pro Series offers a closed-loop combustion control system that automatically regulates variables to ensure consistent and reliable flame treatment.

Enercon Industries to Display Complete Range Of Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treating Technologies at K 2019

Visit us at the K 2019 Hall 11 Stand A68 for corona, plasma and flame surface treating information.

2019 Introducing Enercon's New Director of R&D

Industry Veteran Brian Croke to Lead Enercon Research & Development Department.

2019 Introducing Enercon's New Service Manager

Industry Veteran Nate Fales to Lead Enercon Technical Service Team.

Enercon Introduces the New Compak™ Pro Corona Treater Power Supply at ICE USA

Visit us at ICE USA Booth 1007 to view our new Compak Pro Corona Power Supply.

Enercon Introduces New Easy Thread Corona Treater for Blown Film Applications at NPE

Visit us at the NPE Booth W7059 to view our new blown film corona surface treating technology.

Enercon to Provide NPE Visitors with Most Comprehensive Display of New Plasma & Corona Surface Treating Technology

Visit us at the NPE Booth W7059 to view the most comprehensive display of new plasma & corona surface treating technology.

New Corona Treating Solutions for Blown Film, Cast Film and Converting at KSHOW Hall 11 Stand A68

Visit us at the KShow Hall 11 Stand A68 for to get a firsthand look at our corona treating capabilities specifically designed for blown film.

New Plasma and Flame Treating solutions to be displayed at KSHOW Hall 11 Stand A68

Visit us at the KShow Hall 11 Stand A68 for live plasma surface treating and induction sealing demonstrations.

New Blown Arc and Blown Ion Plasma Treating Technology Unveiled

Enercon releases its new series of industrial blown arc and blow ion plasma treaters, learn about their powerful new features.

Enercon’s New Coronaflex™ Corona Treater To Improve Adhesion And Productivity For Narrow Web Printing Operations

At Label Expo Enercon introduces CoronaFlex™ a new corona treater specifically designed for the label market to improve ink adhesion on high speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications.

Atmospheric Plasma Increases Breathability of Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabrics

The Journal of Industrial Textiles has published the results of a study conducted by Texas Tech University and Enercon Industries that determined when spunbonded polypropylene nonwoven fabrics are pre-treated with atmospheric plasma it increases the breathability of the fabric.

Plasma4™ Surface Treating Technology Wins Innovation Award

Enercon Industries was presented with the C2 Innovation Award at ICE Europe in recognition of the development of Plasma4™ surface treatment technology. This revolutionary pretreatment technology is acknowledged for breaking ground in productivity, ecology and economy.

Wide array of breakthrough surface treatment technologies on display at ICE USA

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce its ICE exhibition booth 1035 will include new and breakthrough surface treating technology for a wide array of applications.

New Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treating Technology combines Economy, Ecology and Profitablility

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce Plasma4™ an ingenious new system that breaks through production and economical barriers with ecology in mind. The system is a result of Enercon’s decade-long expertise in engineering and commissioning production grade plasma systems.

Improve Folding Carton Bond Strength with Enercon Plasma Treatment

Converters are taking advantage of Enercon’s atmospheric plasma surface treating technologies to improve the performance of their gluer folder operations. Adding Enercon’s Dyne-A-Mite™ IT atmospheric plasma treater increases adhesive bond strength for both hot-melt and cold-glue adhesives.

Needle Hub Assembly Tensile Strength Increases with Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ IT atmospheric plasma treater is being used to promote adhesion on needle hubs used in the medical industry. The blown-ion discharge of the system effectively treats the inside of polypropylene hubs prior to bonding with needles.

Green Bay Packaging's Folding Carton Division installs Enercon Plasma Treatment System to Improve Folder Gluer Productivity

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce Green Bay Packaging's Folding Carton Division (De Pere, WI) is benefiting from their recent installation of an Enercon atmospheric plasma treater.

Compak™ 9000 Corona Power Supply

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce a new touch screen PLC based interface for its Compak™ 9000 power generator. The new design saves converters and extruders time and money with installation while providing advanced corona treating process control.

Plasma Treatment for Bobst, Signature and Heidelburg Folder Gluers

Enercon is pleased to announce the additions of PPC Technologies & Solutions (PPCTS) of Pewaukee, WI to its distribution network. The two companies see specific opportunities in the folder gluer marketplace.

The Institute of Environmental and Human Health Announces Partnership with Enercon Industries Corp. for Advancement of Nonwoven Technology

Enercon Industries announces a partnership with the Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Texas Tech University that will combine each organization’s expertise to develop technology to advance the functionality of nonwovens and technical textiles.

High Performance Treatment Meets Sophisticated Monitoring and Control

Enercon's new Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite etches, cleans, activates, sterilizes and functionalizes a wide variety of difficult to treat conductive and non conductive material surfaces.The new modular system is upgradable with up to four surface treatment heads with quick connect/disconnect capability. A touch screen interface provides local control and connectivity to network control systems.

New Plasma3™ VCP Replaces Chemical Priming For Difficult To Treat Surfaces

Plasma3™ VCP's powerful yet gentle in-line atmospheric treatment is optimized to clean, etch and functionalize a wide range of materials that would otherwise be unresponsive. The system is specifically designed for treating sheets, boards and objects with minimal contour such as tubing and wire.

High Definition Corona Proves Not All Corona Is Created Equal

Consider this - it is not unheard of for two different corona treaters to produce the same dyne level, but yield different adhesion results. How can this be? Not all corona is equal. Enercon's high definition corona produces smoother, more uniform corona than ordinary corona.

Victrex PLC Installs Atmospheric Plasma System for Peak Performance on its Victrex Peek-based APTIV Film Line

Victrex Technology Center in the United Kingdom has installed its first atmospheric plasma surface treating system. The company selected Enercon’s Plasma3™ surface treater to enable downstream converting of its high performance APTIV™ film made from VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer.

New Atmospheric CO2 Plasma: The Next Generation in Surface Treating

Enercon announces the introduction of the Dyne-A-Mite™ IT CO2 Plasma to its expanding product line. This new technology provides superior surface treatment to improve adhesion on a wide variety of materials. The use of gas and/or liquid-phase carbon dioxide (CO2) with atmospheric plasma discharge surface.

New Technical Laboratory Offers Advanced Surface Treating Trials

Enercon is excited to announce the completion of its new Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treating Laboratory. The 400 square foot laboratory is a valuable resource to companies seeking solutions to improve adhesion, clean, etch and otherwise functionalize surfaces. The new lab supports the escalating market demand for Enercon’s extensive line.

Enercon's Plasma3 improves printing on Tyvek

Recent customer trials confirm Enercon’s Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma surface treater improves printing on a wide variety of materials used in the medical industry including Tyvek®. The unique technology is able to raise surface energy to improve ink adhesion while leaving physical, mechanical and barrier surface.

Increase surface treating flexibility with new dual head Dyne-A-Mite IT™

Enercon is pleased to announce the addition of the dual head Dyne-A-Mite IT™ to its product line. The blown-ion air plasma system provides a safe and effective means of cleaning surfaces and raising surface energy.

Exclusively at CMM - Meet an Atmospheric Plasma System That Completely Eliminates Backside Treatment

Top application experts at booth #1445 will give CMM visitors a personal introduction to the new Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma system offered by Enercon Industries. Because web handling is a fluid dynamic process.

New multi-language website access reflects international presence

Enercon, global manufacturing leader of induction sealing equipment, is committed to maintaining a comprehensive website that is used as a reliable resource for plastics and packaging professionals.

Enercon's Label Expo exhibit features new power supply technology

Enercon will introduce a new Compak™ 2000 power supply with an advanced graphic display interface.

Enercon's Pack Expo exhibit to draw CPP visitors with new surface treating technology

The new system features an advanced graphic display interface that simplifies installation and operation.

Enercon to introduce new Variable Chemistry Plasma surface treater at NPE

At NPE 2006, Enercon Industries will introduce a new surface treatment solution for the polymer industry.

New Atmospheric Plasma Technology sterilizes nonwoven surfaces in an efficient and eco-friendly approach

Enercon’s new Plasma3™ Atmospheric Plasma Technology (APT) effectively disinfects materials prior to converting, printing, coating or laminating.

New surface treater to be introduced at MDM West

Enercon’s Dyne-A-Mite IT™ improves adhesion for conductive and non-conductive surfaces. The new Dyne-A-Mite IT™ is a high performance surface treater that provides a safe and effective means of cleaning surfaces and raising surface energy to promote the adhering and bonding of a wide variety of materials.

Multi-language treatment comparison chart and interactive surface treating exhibit highlight Enercon's ICE Exhibit

Visit Enercon's exhibit (Booth 3-C12D) to receive your free copy of Enercon's Surface Treating Process Comparison Handbook which is printed in six different languages. Discover the benefits of new Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma surface treatment for your most stringent applications.

Enercon offers free samples of non-wovens treated with Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma surface treater

Enercon's Plasma3™ surface treater offers non-woven converters a way to enhance wettability in non-woven structures to improve adhesion of surfactants, dyes, inks and coatings. 

Interactive surface treating exhibit highlights Enercon's CPP Exhibit

Answering the question; "Which surface treatment technology is best for my application?" is a full-time job for Enercon's application team. Visitors to Enercon's CPP Booth # 2227 will have the opportunity to consult with our experts on the benefits of corona, atmospheric plasma and flame surface treating systems...

New treatment heads add versatility to the Dyne-A-Mite HP™ 3D surface treater

The Dyne-A-Mite HP™, a powerful and highly effective 3D air plasma surface treater, is now available with a variety of head options for specialty applications. The compressed air head option offers more intense discharge for narrow and grooved products.

Enercon Industries and Ciba Specialty Chemicals Announce New Technology Agreement

Enercon Industries Corporation and Ciba Specialty Chemicals announce a joint development agreement which synergizes the innovative surface modification Plasma3 technology of Enercon with Ciba Specialty Chemicals new nano-grafting PrimeIT technology.

Enercon Improves Upon Industry-Leading, Customer-Focused Web Site

New Enercon site offers improved navigation and is packed with value-added information and resources for the surface treating industry.

Enercon's 2005 CMM Exhibit

Booth # 1421 will offer CMM visitors a first hand look at revolutionary atmospheric plasma technology, new powerful corona treatment electrodes, hot developments with PowerFlame™ surface treater and the introduction of a new tension tuner.

Enercon's K show exhibit features new long lasting treatment technology

Find out what's new in surface treating with a visit Enercon USA's booth 13/B59-28. As the only manufacturer of atmospheric plasma, corona and flame surface treating, Enercon is the proven leader in developing long lasting treatments and advanced surface morphology.

Enercon's Label Expo exhibit offers comprehensive surface adhesion solutions for label-tag converters and their customers

During Label Expo, label and tag industry leaders will have a variety of reasons to visit Enercon Industries Corp. at booth 5900. Enercon's comprehensive approach includes surface treating solutions for both traditional and unique converting applications, as well as surface treating solutions for label applications.

New atmospheric plasma surface treater added to Enercon's lab facility

Enercon announces development of Plasma3™, a proprietary atmospheric glow discharge surface treatment system for functionalizing narrow and wide nonwoven webs. The Enercon Plasma3™ system can modify the entire fiber network of webs with dual-side treatment.

Which surface treatment technology is best for your application?

Converters and extruders are constantly asking us, "What's the difference between traditional corona treatment and new atmospheric plasma treatment and when should I consider using each

Enercon introduces new Dyne-A-Flame Flame Plasma 3-Dimensional surface treating system

Enercon's latest surface treating innovation takes 3D flame plasma surface treating to a new level. The new Dyne-A-Flame features a sophisticated combustion control system that ensures repeatable performance and minimizes downtime.

New Dyne-A-Mite HP 3D: Surface treater increases surface energy to new levels for improved surface adhesion

The new Dyne-A-Mite HP™ is the most effective 3D air plasma surface treater ever offered by Enercon. It consistently delivers up to 200% more surface activation than comparable systems.

Enercon's Flame Used to Clean Metal Surfaces

Enercon offers a flame surface treatment process with benefits which include high-performance, cost-effectiveness, and a non-polluting treatment. This low mass, low energy Web Flame Treatment System serves as an environmental solution which reduces costs by saving energy and eliminating the use of chemicals which cause waste.

Praxair and Enercon Announce Agreement for Atmospheric P

Enercon Industries' proprietary Plasma3™ system is the world's first atmospheric plasma treatment system for the optimal treatment and functionalizing of web surfaces. The Plasma3™ system effectively modifies surfaces of difficult-to-treat films, papers, foams, nonwovens, wovens, fibers, metals and powders.

Enercon's easy to use surface treater makes narrow web converters more productive

In setting the standard for ease of use, the TL Max™ incorporates a number of unique design features. It effectively treats metallized and non-metallized substrates without having to stop the press to change ground rolls or flip a switch.

Enercon's Dennis Carew Accepts Canadian Sales Manager Responsibility

He will support Enercon's extensive Canadian sales representative network in serving the needs of the Canadian converting and extruding marketplace.

Improved web functionality allows users to quickly find surface treating information based on application

The redesigned site groups information on surface treating by application. Customized sections for converters and extruders provide details on the appropriate systems for each type of application.

Enercon's new ELF (Low Friction Roll) benefits converters of lightweight film

To help alleviate the problems associated with handling very thin films, Enercon has developed the ELF- Enercon low friction roll. The ELF's light-weight design significantly reduces momentum and inertia. The roll turns more freely than conventional rolls which adds to production stability, especially during starts and stop.

Enercon's New PlasmaReady Program

Many converters and extruders have expressed great interest in positioning themselves for the future use of atmospheric plasma surface treatment. In response we've developed Enercon's exclusive PlasmaReady™ Upgrade Program.

Walter Morgan to chair FTA Latin America Committee

Enercon's International Sales Manager Walter Morgan will lead the newly established Latin American Committee for the Flexographic Technical Association.

Purged surface treater safely allows solvent printers to run faster and reduce costs

Materials with higher surface energy may require a secondary (or "bump") corona treatment of the substrate to ensure proper adhesion. The results of surface treating are impressive. Some solvent printers find they can run their line faster with a surface treater because of improved ink adhesion and wetting.

Enercon establishes major operating center in Japan

Gunze Ltd., based in Osaka, Japan with its machinery division in Kyoto, serves as the Enercon representative for both the induction cap sealing and surface treating product lines.

Friction/Peel Tester Reveals True Effects Of Surface Treating in Enercon's Laboratory

The friction/peel tester picks up where traditional dyne measurements leave off. Dyne level measurements are used to identify the change in the "wettability" of a surface. What dyne level measurements do not reveal is the kinetic coefficient of friction, peel properties of treated substrates and strength of lamination on two substrates.

New ozone generator improves extrusion coating and extrusion laminating processes

The O3zonator series features specially-optimized dielectrics and very high power densities for maximum performance. The systems are economical for budgets and accomodating for applications where space is at a premium.

Skip Treater Controller Eases Bag Making Operations

Enercon's new Skip Treater Controller makes setup a snap while providing precise treat/no treat dimensions that allow production of high quality printed bags that can be sealed with ease and remain sealed until opened by the consumer.

Enercon Adds Dri-Tec Dancer to Surface Treating Laboratory

Enercon Industries Corporation has installed a Dri-Tec Dancer in its Corona Treating Laboratory which significantly improves tension control and the laboratory's ability to smoothly run out-of- round rolls of substrate.

New TL Max Introduced

The TL Max Series Narrow Web Corona Treating System was specifically designed to provide the smallest possible press mounted corona treating system component.

Enercon Appoints New Vice President

August (Augie) Ray has been named Vice President - Advertising, of Enercon Industries Corp. As Director of Corporate Communications for over 10 years, Ray has created and implemented Enercon's advertising programs as well as managed all other aspects of the Marketing Department.

Economical Blown Film Treater

Enercon Industries has developed a Covered-Roll Treating System especially designed for film extrusion at a very competitive price. This system is built for long term reliability and effective treatment levels as you have come to expect from Enercon and is backed by our one-year warranty and the largest service organization in the surface treating industry.

Enercon Names New Marketing Manager

Mark E. Plantier has been named Marketing Manager by Enercon Industries, Menomonee Falls, WI. In this newly appointed position, Plantier will be responsible for orchestrating sales and marketing strategies for cap sealing and corona treating markets worldwide.

Dyne-A-Mite Treater

Manufacturers of three-dimensional plastic and rubber products, such as bottles, pipes and other molded or extruded objects, can improve the adhesion of inks, coatings, labels and adhesives with the redesigned Dyne-A-Mite Surface Treater from Enercon Industries Corporation, available with one or two treating heads.

The New Vice President Announced

Thomas Gilbertson has been named to the position of Vice President - Application Engineering, for Enercon Industries Corporation. In his new position, Gilbertson will continue to be responsible for the coordination of sales and engineering efforts in order to meet customer and market requirements in both technical and application areas.

Enercon Appoints New Vice President - Product Development

Rick Hammen has been named Vice President- Product Development, of Enercon Industries Corp. Hammen has been at the forefront of Enercon's new product development for both corona treating and cap sealing systems for over eleven years.

New Vice President Announced - Operations

Dan Nimmer has been promoted to Vice President - Operations, of Enercon Industries Corporation.

Enercon Demonstrates Total Surface Treating Capability - Ultra Wide Web

Enercon has expanded its treating capabilities to include Ultra-Wide Web applications up to five meters.

Low Cost Blown Film Treating System

The new Enercon Blown Film Treater is designed to meet specific requirements for surface treatment on blown film extruders.

Two Sided Narrow Web Treating Comes of Age

Enercon has developed the TL-Max II Sided Treater, a compact narrow web treater that can handle the requirements of two-sided printing. Here the "Max" stands for capability not size

Administrative Appointments

Enercon Industries Corporation has announced the appointment of Gregory W. Schuelke to President and Chief Operating Officer and the simultaneous formation of a newly created Office of the Chief Executive Officer.

Enercon Web Site Goes Multilingual

In order to better serve the growing number of customers in South America and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world, Enercon's web site is now available in its entirety in Spanish, as well as English and Chinese.

TL Max Narrow Web Treating System

The TL Max's compact and easy to maintain design delivers up to 100% more treating power while requiring 28% less mounting space.

Enercon Improves Upon Electrode Performance

Enercon Industries Corporation has improved the appearance and performance of their 1/4 inch stainless steel segmented electrodes. This electrode innovation provides fine width lane control with minimal expansion and warpage during operation of the corona treating system.