Enercon Tech & Support Helps Converters & Film Extruders Grow at Record Pace

Release date: 12/8/2021

Business is booming for Enercon’s customers in the converting and film extruding businesses. And, at no other time in history has the relationship between equipment users and suppliers been more important. The impact of the global pandemic magnified the importance of reliability and support. Customers who have selected Enercon for their surface treating needs are outperforming others as their businesses are rapidly growing. Over the past year, Enercon supplied a record number of solutions for both repeat and new customers who recognize the value of customized technology, application expertise, reliable performance and world class support.

“It’s not about us, it’s about our customers,” says Enercon’s Chief Sales Officer Ryan Schuelke. In fact, Enercon’s guiding compass is the company’s number one corporate value Customer Focus. “It guides every decision we make,” adds Schuelke. It starts with custom equipment design. “Unlike many suppliers who offer cookie-cutter solutions, Enercon’s focus has always been on providing the customer exactly what they need. It’s why we’re the only company that offers coronaatmospheric plasma, flame and ozone treating technologies, and it’s all customizable to provide our customers a distinct advantage,” says Enercon VP Technology Brian Croke. Included in the range of technology is High Definition Corona, which produces superior adhesion results while providing insurance against backside treatment, film wrinkling and pinholing.

During the pandemic, converters and film extruders required even more support than ever. While Enercon customers enjoy the benefit of working with the largest engineering support team in the industry, there were also advancements in how they could access support. The website boasts a new comprehensive support section along with an increase in educational webinars, and an internal restructuring of the customer support team led to even faster resolution of support inquiries. Advances in power supply technology provided customers with integrated access to troubleshooting, reminders for system maintenance, artificial intelligence that captured real time data when a fault occurred, and the ability to share data and software upgrades.

CoronaFlex™ Pro Touchscreen

The future will be filled with more innovations. “As our customers’ needs evolve, so do our products,” says Schuelke. Enercon is working on significant product developments and support offerings that will continue to ensure Enercon customers have a distinct advantage over their competitors. “Our goal is to serve our customers with an unmatched level of technology and support that enables them to successfully grow their business.”