Comexi Selects Enercon Corona Treaters for Printers & Laminators for Center of Technology in Miami, Florida

Enercon Industries Corporation is pleased to announce that Comexi has selected Enercon Corona Treaters for their newest laminating and printing lines at their Center of Technology in Miami, Florida in the USA.

Carles Rodríguez i Nieto, Vice President of Comexi North America says, “We use our Center of Technology to showcase our latest equipment designs and we are pleased to add the Enercon Corona Treaters as part of our complete solutions. Customers in North and South America want to see the best printing and laminating technologies in operation and that’s what we offer them at the Center of Technology. We rely on the Enercon treaters to ensure film surfaces are prepared to bond with inks and coatings.”

The corona treater high-powered electrodes on each line are powered by Enercon’s Compak™ Pro power supplies. These systems provide advanced control through a touchscreen interface that offers data logging, integrated troubleshooting guides, and a Smart Data Capture™ feature which automatically records all critical operating data before, during and after a fault. That data can be shared via an integrated USB, which can also be used to upgrade software in the field.

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Release date: 3/21/2024