Enercon Introduces New Corona Treater Electrode Assembly for Reduced Downtime

Enercon is pleased to announce a new Removable Cartridge with Quick Disconnect Electrodes that minimizes downtime when replacing corona treater electrodes and performing routine maintenance. The innovative design is available with new corona treaters and as a field upgrade for existing treaters.

See a demonstration of the new Removable Cartridge with Quick Disconnect Electrodes.

“Enercon engineers have done a tremendous job of providing our customers with a new way to reduce downtime without sacrificing any of the features of our current design. Maintenance can be performed in place when desired. The assembly remains pneumatically controlled and pivots freely to protect the electrodes from unexpected splices,” says Enercon Sales Director Mike McConnell.

The design enables operators with several methods to reduce downtime. When replacing a ceramic electrode with the cartridge attached to the station, there is no high voltage wiring to connect or disconnect. Operators can also remove the entire cartridge without tools and load a replacement cartridge in a matter of seconds. Maintenance on the cartridge can be performed off-line or in-place depending on the operator’s preference.

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Release date: 2/22/2024