Dyne-A-Flame Plasma Treater

Dyne-A-Flame Surface Treater

Enercon's Dyne-A-Flame™ sets new standards for flame treatment technology. It’s remarkably easy to use and operate. The system’s advanced combustion control system is expertly paired with PowerFlame™ burner technology for long lasting and uniform treatment.

Flame treatment is a perfect solution for difficult adhesion problems. It is widely used in the automotive, cosmetic, construction and other industries to effectively increase surface energy prior to printing, gluing, coating and laminating.

Dyne-A-Flame™ is extremely versatile and highly effective in the surface-treatment of plastic molded and extruded parts, electronics, medical devices and appliances. Enercon offers free lab evaluations to determine the best treatment for your application.

Dyne-A-Flame™ Benefits

  • Secure adhesion of decorations, inks, coatings, and labels.
  • Long lasting, uniform, high treatment levels 
  • Fail safe design
  • Advanced control ensures reliability 
  • Efficient surface decontamination and polishing. 

The video below shows an Enercon Dyne-A-Flame™ surface treater in action. In this application the flame treater is integrated with a robot that executes a treatment pattern based on program actuated by a bar code scan on the part. Treatment prepares the EVA automotive dashboard for painting.

Dyne-A-Flame™ Features


  • Closed loop air/gas ratio control provides constant flame over the entire adjustment range. 
  • Flow meters for air & gas provide precise reproduction of process parameters.
  • Adjustment of flame power with a single control.
  • Operates on natural gas or propane.
  • Optional integrated electronics package for both local and remote user operation. 


  • Touch screen display
  • Precise control of air/gas ratio and power output
  • No manual adjustments or calibration procedures required

Safety Features

Fail Safe Design
Ceases gas flow if any critical device in the cabinet fails.

Safety Solenoid Valves 
Prevents gas flow if monitored variables are not satisfied.

Pressure Switches   
Mounted to air and gas lines to detect adequate pressure.

Flame Safety Relay   
Monitors flame & controls the redundant safety solenoid gas line valves.

Flame Detection Electrode
Works with the flame safety relay to detect flame at the burner.

Reverse Flow Valve
Prevents backflow into the gas line.

Treater Setup Distance & Dwell Time Recommendations

For consistent treatment results with the Dyne-A-Flame™, it is important to follow Enercon's setup recommendations. Learn more about these guidelines.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing.

Enercon's advanced combustion control system takes the guess work out of flame treating 3 dimensional objects with Enercon's Dyne-A-Flame.

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