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Plasma Surface Treatment Improves Adhesion

Plasma treaters produce plasma surface treating to promote the adhesion of inks, adhesives, coatings, sealants & paints. Manufacturers integrate in-line plasma treatment equipment to enhance adhesion on plastics, composites, metals & glass surfaces. The plasma pretreatment process cleans, etches, & functionalizes surfaces to activate bonding sites by increasing wettability & surface energy.

Enercon plasma and flame surface treaters provide industrial manufacturers in the assembly, printing & decorating industries with repeatable adhesion process control. In many cases plasma surface treatment eliminates the need for hazardous primers and inefficient manual surface preparations.

As a leader in plasma surface treating technology Enercon has developed a vast library of surface treating application knowledge which you can find below. Our plasma application experts can offer you free plasma lab testing & help you determine which plasma technology is best for your application. Get more information today.

Plasma Treatment Applications

  • Adhesive droplet fails to wet out Adhesives

    Get insights on plasma and flame for improving adhesive bonding.

  • Color chart used in printing Printing

    Discover better ink adhesion with plasma & flame treaters.

  • Automotive parts assembled & decorated Automotive

    See how automotive manufacturers use plasma & flame treatment.

  • Electrical potting adhesive bonding with plasma treated surface Electrical Potting

    Find out how pretreatment improves adhesion for electrical potting.

  • Window & door assemblies bonded with plasma treating Windows & Doors

    Get insights Plasma & flame for assembly, painting & decorating.

  • Plasma treated ink jet printed wires & cables. Wire & Cable

    Learn how plasma is enabling ink jet printing on wires & cables.

Other Applications

Flame & Plasma Surface Treatment Technologies

  • Blown-ion plasma treating equipment treats circuit board to improve surface adhesion. Atmospheric Plasma

    Atmospheric Plasma Treaters designed to improve adhesion on a wide variety of plastics, metals and glass objects.

  • Plasma Treatment Explainer Video Plasma Treatment Explainer Video

    Follow Sam through his journey of discovering how plasma treating works to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces.

  • Flame plasma treating equipment treats polymer objects to improve surface energy. Flame Plasma

    Advanced combustion control for robotic or line integration.