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Plasma & Flame Surface Treatment for Adhesion

Flame and plasma treaters increase surface energy and receptiveness to bonding with adhesives, inks, coatings, laminates, paints, & more. These pretreatment technologies activate plastics, composites, polymers, metals and glass surfaces by microscopically cleaning, etching and functionalizing them.

Plasma and flame surface treaters integrate into manufacturing operations to provide assembly, printing and decorating advantages by increasing adhesion strength, product quality and throughput.

As a leader in manufacturing plasma and flame surface treating systems, Enercon’s application experts can help you determine which technology is best for your application. Get more information today.


  • Adhesives Adhesives

    Get insights on plasma and flame for improving adhesive bonding.

  • Printing Printing

    Discover better ink adhesion with plasma & flame treaters.

  • Automotive Applications Automotive

    See how automotive manufacturers use plasma & flame treatment.

  • Electrical Potting Electrical Potting

    Find out how pretreatment improves adhesion for electrical potting.

  • Windows & Doors Windows & Doors

    Get insights Plasma & flame for assembly, painting & decorating.

  • Wire & Cable Wire & Cable

    Learn how plasma is enabling ink jet printing on wires & cables.

Other Applications


  • Plasma Object treater Atmospheric Plasma

    Atmospheric Plasma Treaters designed to improve adhesion on a wide variety of plastics, metals and glass objects.

  • Web Treatment with Atmospheric Plasma Flame Plasma

    Advanced combustion control for robotic or line integration.