Promote Textile Desizing & Dyeability with Atmospheric Plasma

Textile manufacturers and end-users have been searching for ways to improve the surface properties of natural and synthetic fibers while minimizing the impact on the environment. The process of promoting pigment and dye uptake on textiles materials can involve priming agents to meet requirements for use, such as fade resistance, permanence under repeated laundering and…

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Metallized Film Adhesion: Processing & Converting with Surface Treatment

Plasma3 Lab

Metallized film presents adhesion challenges to both film suppliers and converters. Today, new developments in surface treatment are creating competitive advantages by extending surface energy stability on metallized film. What metallized film converters should know Both the metallized film supplier and converter are at the mercy of the physics involved with dyne levels. Dyne level…

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Improve Lamination Adhesion with Surface Treating

Printing, Coating, & Laminating Product Image

For many industrial applications, the use of a single ply of a material does not provide all of the critical properties required for the optimal performance of a product. In these cases, a composite of two or more layers of material can provide this required performance. A common method of creating such a composite is…

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Embossed Film Corona Treating Design Minimizes Pinhole Potential

Selecting the right corona treater design for your specific application is always key to success. Since Enercon offers an assortment of configurations including metal electrodes, ceramic electrodes and a variety of roll covering options, we can offer you unbiased recommendations on which design is best for your application. When treating embossed film, it is important…

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Corona Treater 101: Not All Corona is Created Equal

Universal Roll

How do you evaluate the performance of your corona treater? Most converters measure dyne level. That’s a good start. But dyne level only measures wetting out. The real test is the ability of a corona treater to promote adhesion to your satisfaction. Consider this: it is not unheard of for two different corona treaters to…

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Surface Treating Handbook

Enercon’s Surface Treating Handbook is full of useful information when working with your corona treater. Inside you’ll find: Download this digital pdf by completing the form. If you would like a hard copy, please use the comments field to request one. Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success. Enercon delivers custom and innovative surface treating technologies…

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Getting Started with Corona Surface Treatment

This free eBook shares expert insights from Surface Treating Experts. Discover how Converters & Extruders use Corona Treating to Improve Adhesion Corona treating improves a film’s receptiveness to inks, coatings, and adhesives. In this informative eBook, you’ll find insights on how corona treating works, application examples and considerations when specifying corona treaters. See what Enercon…

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Specifying the right Corona Treater when Buying from an OEM

When purchasing a new line or press from an OEM, the specifications on the corona treater are often a secondary consideration. However, properly specifying the corona treater pays massive dividends down the road. Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind when working with an OEM on a new line that features a corona…

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