Specifying the right Corona Treater when Buying from an OEM

When purchasing a new line or press from an OEM, the specifications on the corona treater are often a secondary consideration. However, properly specifying the corona treater pays massive dividends down the road. Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind when working with an OEM on a new line that features a corona treater.

First, it’s important to recognize that corona treaters are custom pieces of equipment. This is a great advantage for companies who think about how they are going to initially use the corona treater and how they might need to use it in the future. It’s not uncommon for two companies purchasing the same OEM press for the same application to specify a different corona treater configuration for the same application. Likewise, it is possible that two different OEMS might specify slightly different corona treater specifications for the same application.

Company ABC works with the OEM to specify:

Company XYZ works with the OEM to specify:

Film TypesPS
Line Speed300 fpm
Additional SpecificationsNone
Film TypesPS
Line Speed300 fpm
Additional SpecificationsFuture need to treat conductive film, PP film, and films with increased additives.

How do these Specifications Alter the Corona Treater?

These are the types of details which will often come out in direct conversations with a corona treater supplier. By sharing additional information with your OEM, the specification for the corona treater dramatically changes:

  • Needing to treat conductive materials eliminates metal electrode & covered roll systems
  • More difficult to treat films, increased additives and higher line speeds require higher watt densities
  • Higher watt densities may impact the power supply, electrode configuration, ground roll sizing and exhaust requirements

In the scenarios above, ABC company paid a little less for their corona treater, but they also sacrificed flexibility to accommodate any potential future changes in their operations. If their line remains dedicated to running the same exact application, they’ve made a wise choice and saved themselves a few dollars. Company XYZ invested a little more upfront, but also positioned themselves to accommodate a number of future scenarios by incorporating technology to allow them to treat metallized films and foils, as well as generate higher treatment levels for more challenging future applications.

Get your Application and Integration Right the First Time

You’ll find Enercon equipment integrated on printing, coating, laminating and extrusion lines with every major OEM in the world. Enercon works very closely with all OEMS to ensure they also recognize critical variables that can impact corona treater selection. The important thing to remember is a corona treater is a custom piece of equipment. And defining the application variables at the beginning of the project will avoid application issues down the road which ultimately can lead to spending a lot more to upgrade in the field.

When it comes to integrating with OEM equipment, Enercon has a team of engineers dedicated to managing all aspects of these OEM projects to ensure all objectives from both the OEM and end user are satisfied. Seamless mechanical, electrical and control integration ensures a smooth start-up and operation. Enercon’s experience with our partner OEMS also adds value to new treaters for existing OEM installations. Our engineering team will save you time and money by offering systems that are custom designed to fit mechanically and electrically to meet your project’s unique specifications.

Have a question about your next corona treater? Contact our experts today.