Compak 2000 flip top power supply provides fast and easy diagnostic troubleshooting.

The most recent improvement to Enercon’s line of power supplies is the new Compak™ 2000 Flip-Top style power supply. At first glance you’ll notice a change in the size of the cabinet. You might also notice a minor change in the diagnostic display symbols and the description of the diagnostics offered.

The diagnostics are intended to provide quick fault analysis and with proper interpretation, can become a valuable resource to rapidly localize and resolve system problems.

A newly incorporated diagnostic trouble shooting aid is the STATION INTERLOCK indication, which identifies an interruption in the external interlock circuit.

Diagnostics previously termed GEN and FAULT have been renamed to more closely represent the specific fault condition. HIGH VOLTAGE TRIP replaces the former GEN designation and INVERTER FAULT, intuitively suggests a problem associated with the inverter, previously identified as FAULT only.

During normal operating conditions the amber STANDBY and the green RUN lights are illuminated. The STANDBY light will light whenever the circuit breaker is closed and power is applied to the power supply. The RUN light indicates the unit is providing an output and that the output matches the set-point level established by the UP / DOWN arrow power controls, or the external power reference.

The red TEMP light indicates the inverter heatsink is at an excessive temperature. The general causes are a failed cooling fan or blocked cooling path. Other causes may be that high voltage is being fed back into the control board, or the main control module is not securely mounted onto the motherboard.

The red INVERTER FAULT light indicates the inverter device feedback is not present. General causes are a faulty inverter IGBT, control board, or an open connection exists in the output circuit. Generally, performing the device ohm check procedure can easily identify a faulty device.

The red HIGH VOLTAGE TRIP indicates that a high voltage short exists in the output. General causes are a faulty electrode, a shorted high voltage wire, or an arc in the high voltage output circuit to ground. To identify the cause, it is best to isolate the high voltage a section at a time to localize the failure.

The amber STATION INTERLOCK indicates an open interlock in the corona treating station. General causes are an electrode assembly out of the treat position, the exhaust blower is off or the exhaust air flow is not sensed, or a problem associated with the zero speed switch monitoring the ground roll. By systematically isolating each external interlock, the troubleshooter can quickly localize the source of the fault.

The design intentions of the diagnostic are to provide a quick appraisal of the system condition and direct attention to the circuit or system that is interrupting operation in the event of a fault. At any time, if assistance is needed please contact Enercon Industries Service Department at 262-255-6070.

Compak 2000 Interface

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