When to replace an old corona treater power supply

If your company has been around for twenty years or longer, chances are you have some older equipment in your plant that may be nearing the end of its useful life. Since replacing an entire corona treater system can be a sizable investment, many companies opt to replace the power supply first. Since electronic equipment becomes obsolete faster than mechanical, this can be an economic option to keep your lines running efficiently.

Enercon’s electrical engineers recommend looking at this list of questions when evaluating if a replacement would be beneficial.

  • If it’s too old to get spare parts for it
  • If the original manufacturer is no longer in business
  • If the original manufacturer no longer supports the model
  • If you can hear it make noise when it runs
  • If the wire connections inside are hand-wired
  • If it’s causing you downtime
  • If new features on today’s power supplies would benefit your operation

Enercon offers Universal Power Supplies specifically for these situations. Their universal design works with any corona treater. And with a full range of power supply designs from basic to advance feature sets, our application engineers can match the best power supply for your application.

If you are concerned with your current power supply, our engineers can help you in your evaluation. They can also provide you with a no obligation proposal for a power supply replacement with special incentives for replacing older systems. Use the form to connect with us or call us at +1-262-255-6070.


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