Corona Treating Installation Planning Saves Money and Time

An accurate cost assessment of any piece of converting equipment ought to include a review of installation cost. Proper planning will eliminate avoidable variables that create project delays, allow installation costs to soar, and weigh heavily on your peace of mind.

Many Enercon customers are quite proactive in working with our engineers to ensure the installation of their new Enercon power supply and corona treater is as fluid as possible.

One simple, but effective technique is to request a wiring harness for the system interlock and power output. Customers who have tried this option now make it a requirement on every order. First we’ll cover the specifics and then review the benefits in greater detail.

Interlock cables

Enercon will provide interlock cable pre-wired to the treater station. Your electrician should use a separate cable tray for control wiring and ensure that the cable tray entrance is located as close to the interconnection terminal block as possible.

Output Power Cables

Enercon will provide specially shielded cables at a length predetermined by your team. This cable is delivered securely hard-wired to the high voltage transformer input terminal block. All connectors and materials meet Enercon’s strict guidelines for optimal safety and performance.


Both your engineering team and your hired electrician will save time installing your next corona treater and that will save your organization money. Consider these time savers:

  • Sourcing of specialty cable for high voltage applications eliminated
  • Pre-labeled connections speed the installation process and make it virtually impossible to improperly connect wiring
  • Reducing the time you require an electrician reduces installation costs
  • Your system will be tested at the Enercon factory with the same cables for quality assurance.

Power supplies simplify installation

Enercon’s newest Compak™ Pro power supplies include operator interfaces that will further simplify your installation experience. They integrate options such as watt density and station diagnostics into a common interface which reduces wiring and headache of determining where to mount additional interface boxes.

Should you need any on-site assistance relative to installation we will dispatch a service technician to your facility for on-site troubleshooting. You will not incur any service charges for this additional support. If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact Enercon.