Cable Packages Save Time & Money

Enercon offers cable packages to simplify installation, reduce your costs and ensure all connectors and materials satisfy Enercon’s safety and performance standards. Always consult your system manuals and drawings for information specific to their installation.


  • Eliminates the need to source specialty cable for high voltage applications
  • Pre-labeled connections speed the installation process and make it virtually impossible to improperly connect wiring
  • Reduces installation costs by minimizing your electrician’s time
  • Quality assurance: your system will be tested at the Enercon factory with the same cables

Shielded Output Power Cables

Enercon will provide specially shielded cables securely hardwired to the high voltage transformer input terminal block by Enercon factory technicians. The other end of the cable is pre-labeled for simple connections during installation.

All connectors and materials meet Enercon’s strict guidelines for optimal safety and performance. The shielded cable also provides an advantage in that it eliminates the need to run the power cable through aluminum conduit. Care should be taken to run output cables through a tray independent of any other control cables.

Pre-wired Interlock cables

Enercon also provides interlock cables pre-wired to the treater station. Your electrician should use a separate cable tray for control wiring and ensure that the cable tray entrance is located as close to the interconnection terminal block as possible.

Station Grounding Cables
are provided in cable packages. (Note: grounding cables are required to meet Enercon safety standards.)

Blower Power Cables
are provided in cable packages whether Enercon equipment or the customer’s equipment will control the blower.

Drive Power & Control Cables
are provided in cable packages if the drive is controlled by Enercon.

Input Transformer Cables
from the input transformer to Enercon’s power supply are provided in cable packages if the input transformer is purchased from Enercon. Cables between the input transformer and customer supplied input power are not included.

Power Supply Remote Control Cables
are always included when purchasing remote control from Enercon.

Electrode Assembly Retraction Control Cables
are included in cable packages if the electrode assembly is controlled by Enercon equipment. This is rare as customers will most often control the electrode retraction as part of their own control system.

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