How Flame Control Systems Optimize Treatment

Flame is the world’s original surface treater and is commonly used on extrusion coating lines, paperboard processing and foil cleaning applications. If you haven’t considered a flame treater in some time you will be surprised at today’s advanced combustion control options and new high velocity burners that deliver effective and repeatable treatment. Managing the chemistry…

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Improve Print Quality & Productivity by Controlling Substrate Surface Energy

Poor ink adhesion affects print quality, creates downtime, and leads to lost customers. In many cases, the cause is rooted in complications from the substrate surface. The good news is that surface variables can be eliminated with the proper use of a corona treater. A common misunderstanding is that pretreated films eliminate the need for…

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Metallized Film Adhesion: Processing & Converting with Surface Treatment

Plasma3 Lab

Metallized film presents adhesion challenges to both film suppliers and converters. Today, new developments in surface treatment are creating competitive advantages by extending surface energy stability on metallized film. What metallized film converters should know Both the metallized film supplier and converter are at the mercy of the physics involved with dyne levels. Dyne level…

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Improve Lamination Adhesion with Surface Treating

Printing, Coating, & Laminating Product Image

For many industrial applications, the use of a single ply of a material does not provide all of the critical properties required for the optimal performance of a product. In these cases, a composite of two or more layers of material can provide this required performance. A common method of creating such a composite is…

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Improve Ink Printing Adhesion with Surface Treating


The task of optimizing printing adhesion can be difficult, primarily because of the many process variables which require control. The most critical of these parameters are 1) ink chemistry, 2) substrate quality, 3) surface treatment, and 4) ink transfer method. There are six major printing/decorating processes, each distinguished by the method in which ink and…

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Getting Started with Corona Surface Treatment

This free eBook shares expert insights from Surface Treating Experts. Discover how Converters & Extruders use Corona Treating to Improve Adhesion Corona treating improves a film’s receptiveness to inks, coatings, and adhesives. In this informative eBook, you’ll find insights on how corona treating works, application examples and considerations when specifying corona treaters. See what Enercon…

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Stop High Voltage Arcs Before They Cause Downtime

In corona treating, a high voltage arc occurs when the intended path of electrical current is disrupted because it finds an easier path to ground. Over 80% of the time, the location of the high voltage arc is in the area of the electrode and ground roll where corona is created. This webinar explains how…

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