Nick Lucka Promoted to Service & Support Manager

Enercon Industries Corporation is delighted to announce the promotion of Nick Lucka to the role of Service and Support Manager. In this new position, Lucka will oversee Enercon’s Field Service Engineers & Support Technicians who provide comprehensive phone support, field service, and start-up assistance to Enercon customers. Enercon’s Service & Support Team is the largest…

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Corona, Plasma and Flame Pretreatment for Surface Treating Plastics

Generally, plastics have chemically inert and nonporous surfaces with low surface tensions. This makes them nonreceptive to bonding with inks, adhesives, coatings, and other substrates. Polyethylene and polypropylene for example have very low surface energy. Pretreatment of these and other engineered plastics improves bonding prior to printing, coating, and laminating. The best type of surface…

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Corona Treater Start-Up Assistance

Enercon’s start-up assistance programs are used by leading converting and extruding operations to verify their corona treater installations follow Enercon’s best practice recommendations. During start-up assistance a factory trained engineer from Enercon will work with your team and review all aspects your corona treater installation including; safety, utilities, mechanical & electrical integration, materials used, &…

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Roll Aluminum Surface Preparation for Packaging Applications

PowerFlame - High Velocity Burner for Webs

The packaging industries within North America and Western Europe consume the majority of the aluminum sheet and foil for making beverage cans, flexible packaging and foil wraps. The choice of alloy for these applications typically predetermines properties such as strength, formability and resistance to corrosion. Other requirements such as the surface finish, flatness and gauge…

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How Flame Control Systems Optimize Treatment

Flame is the world’s original surface treater and is commonly used on extrusion coating lines, paperboard processing and foil cleaning applications. If you haven’t considered a flame treater in some time you will be surprised at today’s advanced combustion control options and new high velocity burners that deliver effective and repeatable treatment. Managing the chemistry…

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Improve Lamination Adhesion with Surface Treating

Printing, Coating, & Laminating Product Image

For many industrial applications, the use of a single ply of a material does not provide all of the critical properties required for the optimal performance of a product. In these cases, a composite of two or more layers of material can provide this required performance. A common method of creating such a composite is…

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Improve Ink Printing Adhesion with Surface Treating


The task of optimizing printing adhesion can be difficult, primarily because of the many process variables which require control. The most critical of these parameters are 1) ink chemistry, 2) substrate quality, 3) surface treatment, and 4) ink transfer method. There are six major printing/decorating processes, each distinguished by the method in which ink and…

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Surface Treating Handbook

Enercon’s Surface Treating Handbook is full of useful information when working with your corona treater. Inside you’ll find: Download this digital pdf by completing the form. If you would like a hard copy, please use the comments field to request one. Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success. Enercon delivers custom and innovative surface treating technologies…

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Specifying the right Corona Treater when Buying from an OEM

When purchasing a new line or press from an OEM, the specifications on the corona treater are often a secondary consideration. However, properly specifying the corona treater pays massive dividends down the road. Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind when working with an OEM on a new line that features a corona…

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