Manually-Fed Sheet Treater

Enercon’s manual Sheet Treater is designed for operations requiring an economic corona treatment solution that reliably treats non-porous substrates to enable printing. The basic Sheet Treater design features manual sheet feeding.  For operations with high production volumes that require automated feeding and stacking Enercon offers the new PolySheet Treater.

Treatment Specifications:

  • Sheet size up to 22 X 46 inches
  • Line speeds up to 50 fpm
  • Maximum watt density to more than 20*

Station Construction:

  • Rugged mechanical construction
  • Aluminum shield protects the electrode and provides operator safety.
  • Components constructed of steel and aluminum for maximum operational life in industrial environments
  • Ozone removal and electrode cooling are an integral part of the electrode assembly design

Station Features:

  • Universal system treats any sheet - plastic, foil, metalized film, nonwovens, synthetic materials and paper
  • Exhaust system provides for both ozone removal and electrode temperature stability
  • Ceramic Electrodes have a life measured in years and provide higher treatment levels.

System Options:

  • Proportional Speed and Watt Density Control
  • Exhaust Blowers
  • Ozon-Ex II Ozone Eliminator

Standard Features:

  • Ozone Resistant Construction
  • Duct Connection for Ozone Exhaust
  • Air Flow Switch
  • Integral HV Transformer mount
  • Stainless steel vacuum plate
  • Variable speed vacuum table drive with digital tachometer
  • Rack & Pinion drive system for smooth table operation


  • Point of sale(POS) signage
  • Labels
  • Decals
  • Tags
  • Folders
  • Lab-based material test results
  • Countless other packaing applications
System Dimensions
Sheet Size 12 X 18 20 X 24 22 X 46
A 40.625 56.625 Consult Factory For Details
B 38.75 44.75  
C 43.75 43.75  
Watt Density Range 1.0 to more than 20* 0.8 to more than 20* 0.8 to more than 20*
* Note: Watt density levels above 15 should only be used in specific, special cases. A high watt density may cause over treatment which reduces rather than enhances adhesion.
Enercon's Sheet Treater surface treating unit.