Corona Power Supply Compak 2000

Compact Design. Powerful Performance.

Enercon's Compak™ 2000 power supply is the culmination of over 35 years of application specific development. Its innovative universal design takes advantage of state of the art control and power circuit components to meet the challenge of matching the load requirements of a great variety of electrode types...automatically.

The standard Compak™ 2000 interface features operator friendly panel with digital watt meter, LED indicators, power up/down, start/stop push buttons, input power circuit breaker, frequency variable auto matched to load.

Single control integrated options

The new Compak™ 2000 Deluxe interface integrates performance enhancing options such as watt density control, proportional speed control, station diagnostics and fault logging.

This single control interface eliminates the need for additional boxes which simplifies and reduces installation costs. An additional benefit of component consolidation is providing users with more flexibility in where they install their corona treater. The overall footprint is reduced and wiring considerations for the treater, power supply and ancillary controls is minimized.

Convenient LED lights, large start/stop buttons are complemented by a menu driven VFD display. Users can select imperial or metric units and take advantage of optional language capabilities. The Compak™ 2000 Deluxe also offers a network connectivity option to remotely control the system and retrieve operational data.

System Protection

Instantaneous tripping circuit provides full protection for solid state components, electronic temperature, over-current, high voltage and current limit protection, no fuses required. Safety interlocks for zero speed, air flow and electrode position.

Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe Facts

  • 1 through 15 kW models (our Compak™ 9000 power supply offers a large output range)
  • 30:1 turn down ratio - allows for broad control of power output
  • Broad Load Matching
    • Wide 5 to 1 load matching range versus 2 to 1 max for typical power supply
    • Universal design works with all treatment station brands
  • Efficient with any roll/electrode combination
    • Bare or covered rolls
    • Ceramic/blade/shoe/tube/segmented electrodes
  • 0.95 (or higher) displacement power factor from 0 to 100% output
  • Membrane panel controls and indicators
    • Digital readout of output kW
    • Easy setup and operation
    • Self-checks all interlocks for safe startup
    • Retains setpoint in non-volatile memory
    • Clearly displayed operating status and fault isolation
  • Easy to install- no input isolation transformer required
  • Quick connect plug in controls

Additional Features

Optional Remote Control
Full function or basic remote control capabilities
Watt Density & Proportional Speed Control
User friendly set-up and control
Maintains consistent treatment despite line speed or other variables.
Computer Interface
Allows integrated central control of Watt Density or kW Output


Input Power
50/60 Hertz (Consult us for other voltage options)
Output Frequency
Automatically adjusts over wide 5 to 1 load range 
Ambient Environment
Temperature 40°C
Humidity 80% Noncondensing
Advanced Protective Circuits Guard Against
Over-Temperature, Over current, and High-Voltage.
Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe Specifications
  Input Power Dimensions
Rating Volts Phase Width Height Depth
1, 2 kW 240 1 14"
3, 4, 5, 7.5,
and 10 kW
240 3 14"
12 kW* 480 3 30.5"
(775 mm)
(610 mm)
(305 mm)
15 kW* 480 3 30.5"
(775 mm)
(610 mm)
(305 mm)
1, 2, 3 kW CE 240 1 23.6"
4, 5, 7.5, 10, 12,
and 15 kW CE
400 3 23.6"
*Cabinet style may vary