Plasma Treatment Power Generators

Enercon expertly matches its power supplies with its surface treaters to optimize system performance for your specific application. Our leading power supply technology is based on over 35 years of power supply design and manufacturing. New power generator interface options for these systems provide tremendous installation savings and improved productivity.

These ultra-reliable power supplies rely on the latest IGBT technology and are loaded with features that optimize productivity for any output requirement. Choose from the Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe for applications requiring an output up to 15kw. Select the high performance Compak 9000™ for applications from 5-100kw. Both systems provide a 30 to 1 turndown ratio and broad load matching. Their universal design allows them to be used with any Enercon surface treater or other competitive system on the market today.

When purchasing these systems be sure to consider Enercon’s new Sure Connect™ promise which saves time and money during installation.

Impressive Power Generation - Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe

The Compak™ 2000 is known as the industry workhorse of power supplies. Its innovative design takes advantage of state of the art control and power circuit components to meet the challenge of matching the load requirements of a great variety of electrode types automatically.

Compak 9000 Power Generator for corona, plasma and flame treatment

The Enercon Compak™ 9000 power supply matches the load requirements of a great variety of electrode types... automatically. Some suppliers solve this problem with transformer taps and other adjustments of output to match a wide range of load conditions.

Compak™ ProFlex Power Supply

The Compak™ ProFlex power supply offers converters and film extruders a new generation of corona treatment power and control.

Enercon's Compak 2000 power supply.