Plasma4™ Atmospheric Plasma Treating

C2 Award

Plasma4™ Earns C2 Innovation Award at Ice Europe

Atmospheric plasma system breaks ground in productivity, ecology & economy. Read More

Plasma4™ is an ingenious new plasma treater that breaks through production and economical barriers with ecology in mind. The system is a result of Enercon’s decade-long expertise in engineering and commissioning production grade plasma systems. Plasma4™ provides high and long lasting surface treatment on surfaces and overcomes the industry’s previous performance barriers. Plasma4™ adds value to engineered films, wovens and nonwovens by cleaning, etching and functionalizing surfaces.

Eliminates electrode breakage. Plasma4™ generates homogenous plasma without the use of ceramic electrodes which can break upon impact with web splices etc…

Eliminates web width and speed limitations. The plasma treater can be constructed to wider widths and faster speeds than any other previous atmospheric plasma design.

Eliminates boundary layer air effect. Systems with boundary layer air compromise plasma discharges at high speeds by sweeping gases from the treatment zone.

Lowest operating costs. The treater offers the industry’s lowest atmospheric plasma operating costs by optimizing gas flow rates with treatment effectiveness.

No Gap Adjustment Required. Plasma4™ automatically compensates for variances in material thickness ensuring reliable treatment without operator intervention.

No Ozone Corona & Plasma. Imagine surface treating without generating any ozone! Not only does Plasma4™ operate in an ozone free gas mode it also offers ozone free corona treatment.

We invite you to see the benefits of Plasma4™ by scheduling a free application trial in our surface treatment laboratory.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing.