Plasma3 offers ground floor opportunities for innovative converters

Are you interested in new opportunities for your business? Then you'll want to know about the latest developments concerning Enercon's Plasma3™.

Last year Plasma3™ was introduced as the first commercial atmospheric plasma system. It successfully broke new ground in the surface treatment of difficult-to-treat polymers, foils, wovens, nonwovens, metals, fibers and powders.

Recent tests conducted by Enercon, in association with some of the industry's most innovative companies, have yielded impressive results. As a result new applications for this breakthrough technology are rapidly developing.

Resistance to moisture-induced delamination.

Many converters are seeking to improve the performance of their laminates in wet or high humidity environments. Initial tests have shown evidence that Plasma3™ surface treatment is effective at improving surface resistance to moisture-induced delamination. This advancement could also be applied as a surface treatment that could result in the possible substitution of certain specially-coated release liners.

Improved barrier properties to reduce migration

The second Plasma3™ application involves surface treatment that will create barrier properties. Initial tests have shown an effective reduction of the migration of water vapor and gases through materials commonly processed in the packaging, converting and electronics industries.

Increased effectiveness of filters

The third focus of development is a Plasma3™ surface treatment which will increase the effectiveness of filters in attracting contaminants. It also promises to improve the receptivity of fibers to dyes and additives.

The companies that are actively conducting trials with us are among the best in their respective industries. They are helping Enercon drive this new technology to meaningful applications that will improve their business and give them a competitive edge.

If you would like to take part in a trial that could open new doors to your business contact us at 262-255-6070 or email us. We can discuss your specific application and set up a Plasma3™ trial for you.


The smooth glow of plasma generated by Enercon's Plasma3™ is indicative of the even treatment capabilities of this truly unique system.