Atmospheric Plasma Web Treatment Applications

Atmospheric plasma treaters are highly effective at treating polymer films, nonwovens, textiles, foams, and other materials which are processed in a roll to roll web format. Plasma technology is optimized for specific industry applications with specific gas chemistries and are ideal for applications that require high and long lasting treatment levels that would be otherwise impossible. The content below shares insights on the use of atmospheric plasma for web processes in a variety of industries.

Plasma Treating Penetrates Foam Surface for Better Bonding

Foams can be difficult to surface treat for adherence to other materials. Manufacturers use a variety of thermoplastic and thermoset resins, resulting in foams either having a high resident surface energy or low surface energy. Foams manufactured of low surface tension polyolefins require surface treatment when applying adhesives foams, in order for it to penetrate into the foam structure.