Corona Treating Medical Packaging for Flexographic Printing and Laminating at Technipaq

Technipaq (Crystal Lake, Il) was featured in Package Printing Magazine for their expertise in converting challenging substrates and innovative packaging to meet sterilization requirements.

Their printing operations include a VisionG flexographic printing press from Paper Converting Machine Company outfitted with an Enercon Universal Roll High Definition Corona Treater. They also use three similar Enercon treaters on their Nordmecannica Triplex for solvent and solventless laminating.

Technipaq Vice President of Sales, Brian Rosenburg, says the Enercon corona treaters help enable their converting processes, “By utilizing the treater, we’re benefiting from increased dyne levels for better adhesion and printability.”

The Enercon Treaters used by Technipaq feature high powered ceramic electrodes and a ground roll coated with a unique ceramic blend that produces uniform, high-definition corona. Enercon Regional Sales Manager, Aaron Hootkin, says, “For critical applications such as Medical Packaging on challenging substrates, we recommend our Universal Roll Systems.” This corona treater provides superior treatment and provides the industry’s best insurance against backside treatment, film wrinkling and pinholing.

Universal roll corona treaters treat challenging substrates.
Universal roll corona treaters treat challenging substrates.