Ozone Decomposers Eliminate Ozone

All corona treaters produce ozone as a natural byproduct of the treatment process. Enercon corona treaters safely remove ozone from the work environment through the system’s exhaust ducting. To ensure ozone is not released from the exhaust stream into the atmosphere, Enercon has designed Ozone Decomposers for extrusion and converting operations.

Enercon Ozone Decomposers integrate into the exhaust stream after the corona treater and before the exhaust is released into the atmosphere. The decomposer converts the captured ozone into oxygen. These systems work with all corona treater exhaust streams and are available in sizes for any application.

How the Decomposer will benefit your operation

  • Enercon's catalytic ozone decomposer converts ozone (O3) into Oxygen (O2).
  • A particle filter, pre filtered material, and metal oxide catalyst bed reduces an input ozone level of up to 150 PPM to less than the OSHA limit of 0.1 PPM at the designated flow rate.
  • Systems allow direct release of the exhaust stream into the atmosphere which is in compliance of the clean air acts and laws related to ozone standards.
  • Ensure operator safety by trapping gases through proper exhausting.
Ozone Decomposer Application Diagram

Technical Data:

Ozone contaminated air is input at the top of the unit and flows through the particle filter where matter and dust are removed to ensure they do not contaminate or clog the catalyst bed.

The contaminated air then passes through a pre filtered material prior to the catalyst bed for additional air stream filtration. The ozone contaminated air then moves through the bed of metal oxide pellets which converts the ozone (O3) into molecular oxygen (O2). If no other contaminant is present, the exhaust can then be vented into the atmosphere.

Ozone and other toxic gas levels must be monitored on a regular basis to confirm that no health hazards exist and to determine when the catalyst should be reactivated.

Pressure gauges indicate when it is time to replace the decomposer’s filters.

Approximate Dimensions
Ozone-Ex ModelStandard CFMWidthDepthHeightDuct Diameter

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

KEY FEATURES Eliminating Ozone

  • Destroys Ozone Created from the Corona Treatment Process

  • Insures Compliance with OSHA and EPA Clean Air Act

  • Permits Direct Release of Exhaust Stream to the Atmosphere

  • Easy Integration with OEM Lines