Ozone Generator For Extrusion Coating Lines

Enercon’s Ozone Generators are specifically designed to improve Extrusion Coating performance and line efficiencies. They deliver high ozone concentrations at minimal power levels with specially-optimized dielectrics and high power densities.

The combination of corona treatment and ozone is proven to provide superior extrusion coating bonding results while offering many production advantages. Enercon offers you a single source for all of your extrusion coating surface treating needs.

How the O3zonator™ will benefit your operation:

  • Adding ozone to your process allows for lower extrudate temperatures and the use of lower temperature resins (EVAs).
  • Reduced air gaps reduce "neck-in", translating into greater productivity.
  • Some companies have improved production speeds by as much as 50% by adding ozone to their process.
  • Ozone can also enhance product value by improving bonding characteristics, heat sealabilty, color and odor.
Ozone Line Art

System Components:

Enercon engineers have designed these systems to meet all the requirements for safe, efficient and reliable operation for extrusion coating and extrusion laminating applications.

Its compact design requires little floor space.

Removable cabinet, with easy access to the ozone generation cell(s).

Ozone generation cell(s) and dielectric tubes are interchangeable, making dismantling, maintenance and reassembling easier.

The dielectric tubes are powered in parallel via connection bars. Each tube is equipped with a special centering system ensuring accurate discharge gap geometry.

Enercon's reliable and efficient power supply technology guarantees low energy consumption. The system comes ready to receive your 4-20 mADC process signal for optimal control. Solid state power supply operating at a load determined frequency.

Ozone Generator Cabinet

High voltage transformer and series reactor are provided to match the impedance of the ozone generation cell(s).

Control panel with operator interface for control. Adjusting the feed gas flow rate and the power level applied to the discharge controls the quantity of ozone produced and the ozone concentration.

O3zonator™ ModelsOutput
O3zonator™ 100100 g/hr
O3zonator™ 200200 g/hr

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

KEY FEATURES For Successful Extrusion Coating

  • Custom Designed for Extrusion Coating Lines

  • Improves Coating Bond Strength

  • Enables Lower Extrudate Temperatures, Reduced Air Gaps, and Higher Line Speeds

  • User Friendly PLC Touchscreen Control

  • Easy Integration with All OEM Lines