Use ozone decomposers to insure safe air quality

A by product of all corona treaters is ozone. Enercon corona treaters are designed to ensure ozone is safely exhausted away from the operators area. To ensure the trapped ozone is decomposed before releasing to the atmosphere Enercon offers ozone decomposers for any size application. 

The decomposer eliminates 99.999% of Ozone from the exhaust stream of any ozone generating processes. These systems permit direct release of the exhaust stream into the atmosphere in compliance with clean air acts and laws related ozone standards. 

The ozone decomposer converts ozone (O3) into Oxygen (O2). The unit consists of a particle filter, prefilter material, and oxide catalyst bed that reduces an input ozone level of up to 150 PPM to less than 0.1 PPM at the designated flow rate.

Enercon Ozone Decomposers safely convert ozone into oxygen to satisfy air quality regulations.