Ozone contributes to bottom line

Scapa Tapes credits its Enercon ozone generator with improving product quality and having a fast payback. (See story)

Adding ozone to your process allows for lower extrudate temperatures and the use of lower temperature resins (EVAs). Reduced air gaps also translate into greater productivity. Some companies have improved production speeds by as much as 50%.

Ozone can also enhance product value by improving bonding characteristics, heat sealability, color and odor. Enercon's compact ozone generators are engineered to deliver safe and efficient ozone for a variety of converting applications.

Our reliable and efficient power supply technology guarantees low energy consumption. The system comes ready to receive your 4-20 mADC process signal for optimal control.

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Enercon's Universal-Roll surface treater and Ozonator give Scapa North America an edge.