Ozone Decomposers and Ozone Generators

Ozone has a unique position in the Converting and Extruding industries. In some cases it is a process by-product which needs to be disposed off, in other cases it is an essential agent for increasing adhesion. Enercon offers solutions for both generating and decomposing ozone.

Ozone is a by-product of the corona treatment process. It is important that the ozone generated by the corona treating is safely removed from the working area. This is accomplished through a properly installed and operating exhaust system. However an exhaust system only removes the ozone from the work area. Local codes usually require the ozone to be decomposed prior to being released into the environment. Enercon offers a wide range of ozone decomposers for this purpose. If you are looking for corona treating without ozone generation consider Enercon's Plasma4™ which has a special corona only mode.

For extrusion coating lines ozone is used at the nip to increase adhesion. It is well known that ozone allows for lower extrudate temperatures, higher production speeds and eliminates odors. Enercon manufactures several different ozone generators with capacities for all types of extrusion coating applications.

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Ozone Decomposer
Ozone DecomposersElminate 99.999% of Ozone from the Exhaust Stream from Corona Treating or other ozone generating processes.
Ozone Generator
Ozone GeneratorsOzone extrusion coating adhesion strength with high ozone concentration generated at minimal power levels.