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Enercon Interviewed Carles Rodríguez i Nieto, Vice President of Comexi North America

Enercon’s corona treater power supplies and treater stations are integrated with leading OEM printing press manufacturers to ensure reliable performance. Read on for the latest technical advancements from the Comexi team.

What options do you have for remote support of your customers?

This is a tremendously important matter internationally. For example, in North America we have a team of nine field engineers to support our customers: seven field engineers and two backup office engineers located in the US. In addition, this year Comexi has added to our North America service operation with a local, 24-hour technical hotline: +1-833-457-6221.

However, nothing is faster than a remote intervention; and we have three methods:

  • COOL: Comexi Ordering On-Line. This is a 3D virtual twin of the very same machine of our customer, allowing for the fastest piece identification and ordering.
  • REMOTE ACCESS DIAGNOSIS AND CONTROL: All of our machinery is designed to facilitate the remote access from our engineers in the back office to check the machine status, identify the problem and even correct it remotely.
  • SMART GLASSES: The fastest and most efficient way of human-to-human communication are the Comexi Smart Glasses. Our engineers can communicate with your team in real-time, share information, give directions and solve your problems!

What are some of the latest printing technologies that you have introduced?

Electron Beam Technology
Comexi is the leader of WB and Electron Beam CI Flexo Printing Technologies. With dedicated and hybrid solutions, they have more than 10 years of experience. EB technology supports the sustainability of the process, but also and most importantly, it supports the full recyclability of the flexible packaging end products.

What is new in digital technology?

Comexi has launched Comexi Digiflex, a versatile solution for variable data printing at speeds of up to 1,000 ft/min. This digital printing solution can be attached to any Comexi machinery – printing, laminating or slitting.

Digital printing is an amazing tool with a great potential. Comexi digital solutions for flexible packaging are bringing great results in terms of printing quality and versatility. Comexi’s obsession as a consultative partner with their customers is to explain the reality of digital printing in the flexible packaging market. They are getting amazing results. But does digital printing match the current flexible packaging business model? The answer is no. Digital printing opens up a broad range of new opportunities in flexible packaging for different and innovative new business models! Comexi will always be by your side to help you explore them.


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