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Flame Surface Treatment for Films and Webs

Flame treatment is ideal for functionalizing surfaces of films and objects. Common materials flame treated in the converting industry include BOPP, PET, OPP, PE, coextruded films, paperboard, metal foils, and foams.

Flame treaters are particularly well suited to the treatment of paperboard prior to extrusion coating. Flame is effective at burning off surface fibers to present a clean, flat surface for the coating, and it can achieve high dyne levels at very high line speeds.

Most flame treatment typically creates fixed levels of oxidized species on the surface of films, along with the formation of hydroxyl, carboxyl and carbonyl functionalities.

Enercon’s unique flame treater design features high velocity PowerFlame™ burner technology which optimizes surface treatment effectiveness. This coupled with advanced combustion control technology ensures safe operation and repeatable treatment results.

Flame Surface Treaters