Compak™ ProFlex Power Supply

The New Compak™ ProFlex power supply offers converters and film extruders a new generation of corona treatment power and control. It is universally compatible with any surface treater station and accepts input voltages from 380-480v.

Intuitive touch screen control guides the operator through basic settings and advanced options including watt density control, proportional speed control, system operation fault diagnostics, integrated start-up and much more.

This new system control architecture makes custom programming options a reality and sets the stage for a new generation of corona treater power supplies.

Compak Proflex Power Supply

Simple Installation

  • Modular flexibility cabinet for one or two power supplies
  • Single interface for basic control & advanced option
  • Software driven features reduce hardware

Remarkable Compatibility

  • Accepts wide range of input voltages
  • Works with any corona treater station

Integrated Start-up Features

  • Auto/Manual Start
  • Control Electrode Assemblies & Exhaust Blower
  • Wet start for humid environments

Operation Modes

  • Local/Remote/Network
  • Watt Density/Proportional Speed

Advance Diagnostics

  • System diagnostic
  • Detailed fault information
  • Download data to USB

Custom Program Capability

  • Recipe
  • Operator lockout
  • Remote diagnostics capable
  • Consult Enercon for your specific needs