Compak™ Pro Power Supply

Compak Pro Power Supply

Enercon’s newest power supply is designed for professional converters & extruders looking to maximize their productivity.

This innovative new system features an intuitive touch screen interface which provides users with unprecedented operating control, detailed system data, maintenance reminders and support options. Its integrated artificial intelligence automatically recognizes when a fault takes place and captures key system parameters.

This new system control architecture makes custom programming options a reality and sets the stage for a new generation of corona treater power supplies.

Compak Pro Power Supply

Simple Installation

  • Software driven features reduce hardware
  • No input transformer required
  • Works with any corona treater
  • Simple interface for advanced control

Integrated Start-up Features

  • Auto/Manual Start
  • Control Electrode Assemblies & Exhaust Blower
  • Wet start for humid environments

Control and Operation Modes

  • Local/Remote/Network
  • Direct Computer Interface
  • Watt Density/Proportional Speed
  • Operator Password

Custom Program Capability

  • Consult Enercon for your specific needs
Compak Pro Touchscreen

Artificial Intelligence & Custom Programming

Remarkable new support features include on board troubleshooting tips, custom maintenance reminders and explicit real time fault monitoring. In addition to logging and time stamping any faults, the system automatically takes a detailed snap shot of operating data when the fault occurs. This is the equivalent of having a service technician monitoring the system with advanced diagnostic tools.

A USB port allows users to download this data and share with Enercon Service Engineers for quick resolution of any issues. Users can also use the USB to capture maintenance and event logs as well as update software in the field.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing.