Corona Treatment Power Supplies

Enercon corona treater power supplies are known for their exceptional reliability and versatility in handling all types of corona treating requirements. Our application engineers expertly match our power supplies to your specific application for optimal performance.

The Compak™ 2000 is the industry workhorse and satisfies all requirements for basic corona treating applications. Enercon’s newest innovation is the Compak™ Pro corona treater power supply which features an intuitive touch screen which provides unprecedented operating control and configuration options. Its artificial intelligence monitors system data and alerts operators when faults occur and when system maintenance should be completed. A USB drive enables software upgrades and data communications.

For applications requiring 16kW or more Enercon offers customers two options. Either a single power supply or a twin power supplies in a single cabinet. These can be used in conjunction together or independently through a common interface.

Consult with Enercon’s application experts to determine which power supply and feature set is best for your operation.

Impressive Power Generation - Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe

The Compak™ 2000 is known as the industry workhorse of power supplies. Its innovative design takes advantage of state of the art control and power circuit components to meet the challenge of matching the load requirements of a great variety of electrode types automatically.

Compak™ Pro Power Supply

The Compak™ Pro power supply offers converters and film extruders a new generation of corona treatment power and control.

Enercon's Compak Pro power supply.

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