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Corona Treatment for Narrow Web Printing

The key to successful printing is controlling process variables. And the best way for flexographic and digital ink jet printers to control label stock surface energy is with in-line corona treatment. Integrating a corona treater immediately before printing ensures a freshly treated surface optimized for ink adhesion.

Built into every Enercon corona treater station is over 40 years of production grade manufacturing expertise. Enercon’s engineering team couples its industry leading power supply technology with powerful ceramic electrodes to produce high energy corona for every printing application imaginable.

CoronaFlex - Corona Trteater

New CoronaFlex ™ Corona Treater For Digital & Flexo Presses

Enercon’s Newest Corona Treater sets new standards for simple installation, reliable performance and ease of use.

Why is Corona Treatment important for me?

We print on pretreated label stock, why do I need a corona treater?

The dyne level increases created by corona treatment does not last indefinitely. Time, humidity, storage conditions and contamination contribute to diminishing dyne levels. Retreating in-line prior to printing, also known as bump treating, is an industry best practice to ensure surfaces are receptive to your ink.

How do I integrate a corona treater on my press?

Enercon corona treaters can be mounted on any OEM press in virtually any position. Our easy installation package includes everything you need to install your new treater. Enercon’s Quick Start Guides, local sales representatives, on-line training programs and free 24/7 phone support ensure a successful start-up.

We only need corona treatment for some applications, what are my options?

Many printers begin by adding a corona treater for specific applications that are giving them adhesion issues. In most cases they find that leaving the treater on for all their applications actually improves their operations. This is because film imperfections or film with unexpected dyne level decay can benefit from corona treatment as well. The corona treater provides insurance for all your applications that film is optimized for adhesion.

Can I move corona treaters between printing presses?

While it is possible to move a corona treater between printing presses, power drops and exhaust capabilities will be required in each location. Alternately Enercon offers an off-line corona treater with unwind and rewind stands. Providing you print shortly after corona treating this solution may be ideal for your operation.