Lab Treater & Offline Surface Treatment

Enercon now offers a free standing, off-line turnkey surface treating system available with either corona or atmospheric plasma technology. This economical all-in-one treating station is ideal for laboratory use and short off-line production runs.

This offline system can be used to functionalize a wide variety of substrates for printing, coating, laminating or other converting applications. Enercon's configuration allows you to treat both conductive and non-conductive materials.

Choose from standard bare roll corona, high definition corona or atmospheric plasma surface treating technologies.  

Customized Design
Based on application requirements Enercon will configure the unit with either the the TL Max™ with high definition corona or the revolutionary Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma treater for applications that require advanced surface functionalization.
All-in-One Configuration
The self contained portable surface treatment system integrates the treater, power supply, high voltage transformer and cantilevered unwind/rewind (for easy loading and unloading of web rolls).
Portable Stand
Built in floor locks and castor for easy portability.
Easy Installation
Installation and start-up are remarkably easy with a plug and play design. Simply roll the system into place, connect to your exhaust, power up the system and converters are ready to treat.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.


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