Corona Power Supply Video Overview: Compak™ 2000 & Compak™ 2000 Deluxe

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Enercon's Compak 2000 Power Supply is designed to meet a wide range of surface treating requirements with easy to use controls. Operation is very simple with push button start and stop buttons, power up and down buttons, and a digital watt meter to clearly display the current power level setting. The system is protected by advanced circuitry and system or interlock faults are indicated by an LED light. An optional remote control interface is available if required. It provides the same functionality as the interface on the base unit.

Enercon's Compak 2000 Deluxe Power Supply incorporates features to make your operation more efficient. Operation is very simple with start and stop push buttons. The advanced control capabilities of the Compak 2000 Deluxe power generator include automatic watt density control and proportional speed control to ensure consistent treatment over varying line speeds.

The menu driven system also provides complete fault and diagnostic data providing your operators with the information they need to keep your line up and running. An optional remote control interface is available if required. And the system may also be controlled and operated through a computer interface.

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