Portable Corona Treaters Offer Flexibility

In some rare instances we've had customers who require a portable corona treater for use on multiple lines. Most of the time this is a short term investment to get an operation through a unique production schedule.

Not for all Applications

Typically the customer will install tracks on the floor that the corona treater's casters will roll onto. The casters are then locked down into position. All the same standard features and options as are available with a standard unit. Various electrode/roll combinations, multiple side treating, watt density control and remote control are all available.

When properly set-up most operations won't notice a difference in the perfomance of a standard treater or one mounted on casters. But high speed and high performance lines may not have the same results.

For high performance applications great care is taken when setting up a corona treater to ensure that the treater is precisely positioned for optimum web alignment. Improper alignment can result in web wrinkling and production nightmares. In some cases high-tech lasers are utilized to match exacting tolerances.

Ultimately the customer needs to make the decison if a portable treater is best for their operation. Budget and production forcasts play a major role in this evaluation as well as the specific treating application. For more information contact us at 262-255-6070 or e-mail us.

A portable corona surface treater can be moved between two or more lines for optimal flexibility.