Feature rich control panels will please Production Managers and Accountants alike

Bare-roll treaters, power generators with  IGBT, Atmospheric Plasma treatment and High Definition corona are only some of the innovations Enercon has brought to the market over the last thirty years.

Today Enercon is pleased to announce its new control panel designs which are configured to simplify installation, provide maximum operational flexibility, and put smiles on the faces of your Production Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

Evolution of corona generators

It wasn't that long ago that most corona treaters provided you with limited operator control; Start/Stop  buttons, a means to adjust power level and a few LED fault indicators.

Over the years additional options such as station diagnostics and watt density control have become more popular. Station diagnostics alerts operators to the  status of interlocks included with your system. This powerful tool expedites troubleshooting and minimizes downtime by immediately identifying the location of a system fault.

Watt Density and Proportional speed control are popular options for lines that operate at varying speeds, such as flexographic printing lines. This feature allows users to program a precise watt density that will be consistently maintained as it compensates power output based on the speed of the web.

New Designs

Enercon's new corona generator control panels take advantage of our latest technology to provide operators with enhanced control.

With the new Compak™ 2000 Deluxe Control panel additional boxes and wiring for station diagnostics and watt density options are no longer needed.

These features are integrated into the control panel. The elimination of additional boxes significantly simplifies and reduces installation costs. An additional benefit of component consolidation is providing users with more flexibility in where they install their corona treater. The overall power generator footprint is reduced and wiring considerations for the treater, power supply and ancillary controls is reduced.

Convenient LED lights, large start/stop buttons are complemented by a menu driven VFD display. Users can select imperial or metric units and  take advantage of optional language capabilities.

Network connectivity 

The Compak™ 2000 Deluxe also provides a valuable fault log which is quite useful in resolving ongoing issues. You can also tie these features into your own control system with our network connectivity option.

Remote control, monitoring and operation is not limited to your integrated network. Enercon now
provides micro-graphic displays which allow all of the power generator functions to be remotely controlled from a location that meets the unique needs of your specific converting line.

Enercon is now providing a Color LCD Touch Panel with on board PLC with the Compak™ 9000. The capabilities of this system include all the aforementioned features and options of the Compak™ 2000 Deluxe control panel plus more.

Enercon's engineers will specifically program the control panel to handle virtually any additional functions for your operation. For example you can build in nip roll control, electrode retraction, and single button start-up into the touch screen.

This control panel configuration also offers robust network connectivity capabilities and extensive fault logging.

There's good news for those of you who don't need watt density control or network connectivity. The Compak™ 2000 control panel continues to cover all the basics with options for station diagnostics and remote control.

Watch Tom Gilbertson give a video overview on these new control panels that are sure to please both your production manager and accounting manager.

Tom Gilbertson VP Application Engineering