Corona Treatment Customer Stories

The real world is where you find out if the corona treating equipment you purchase will live up to its billing. We’re happy to say that Enercon is a market leader when it comes to customer satisfaction. And while not every customer is in a position to share their experiences with the world, there are many who are quite willing. On this page you’ll find links to articles about Enercon corona treater customers and how they’ve overcome challenges with a little assistance from the Enercon Team. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed helping our customers be successful.


Blown Film Applications


Cast Film Applications


Printing Applications


Coating Applications

  • Coating Excellence International poised for expansion after receiving award & VP visit  [Preview]
  • Custom coating specialist thrives with diverse use of surface treaters  [Preview]
  • Dow develops new resin technologies with versatile corona treating  [Preview]
  • Quality Edge Converting Finally Retires 30-Year-Old Enercon Corona Treater  [Preview]

Laminating Applications


Extrusion Coating Applications

  • Co-extrusion & adhesion capabilities give Scapa N.A. an edge  [Preview]
  • Flexible extrusion line is a novel idea  [Preview]

Narrow Web Printing Applications

  • "Voice of the customer" drives Ad Tape and Label's growth  [Preview]
  • Baxter Healthcare reduces material costs 70% with in-line printing and treating  [Preview]
  • Haney PRC improves productivity with Enercon treater and HP Indigo Press  [Preview]
  • Award Winning Packages with Custom Press and Corona Treater Innovation  [Preview]
  • Winpak Control Group Defies Pandemic Delays with Help from Enercon  [Preview]
  • ETI Partners with Enercon to Simplify Label Stock Production  [Preview]