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Learn about corona treating for film extrusion applications.

Corona Treating For Blown and Cast Film Extrusion Operations

Film extruders use corona treaters to increase a film’s surface energy at the time of extrusion. This pretreatment process enables the film to be later converted by printers, coaters & laminators.

Corona treaters for extrusion film are designed to either treat the entire web or variable areas of the web. Fixed width corona treaters are available with ceramic electrodes or stainless steel metal electrodes. For lane treating we offer segmented electrodes with covered ground rolls. Skip treating and pattern treating are also available.

Enercon’s application experts will engineer a custom system for you optimizing the power supply, electrode design and ground roll covering to match your application needs. Contact us for more insights on corona treating for your film extrusion application or learn more by following the links below.

Film Extrusion Applications