Enercon's Pack Expo exhibit to draw CPP visitors with new surface treating technology

Release date: 10/1/2006

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI – Enercon will introduce a new Compak™ 2000 power supply to the wide web surface treating market at Pack Expo booth S766 for the benefit of CPP visitors. The new system features an advanced graphic display interface that simplifies installation and operation by integrating many functions such as Watt Density Control and Station Diagnostics with standard operations into a single operator interface. The new interface also offers data logging and supports multiple languages for Enercon’s customers around the world.

Complimenting the new power supply will be a new interactive corona treating exhibit allowing converters to examine industry leading electrode and ground roll designs. A wide variety of ceramic and metal electrode configurations will be on display. Unique solutions for blown and cast film applications will be exhibited. In addition visitors will learn how new technologies such as Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma treaters and PowerFlame™ flame treaters can benefit their operations. Enercon will also represent its technological solutions for the treatment of three-dimensional objects which require cleaning and/or adhesion improving surface treatment. In operation will be the Dyne-A-Mite HP™ which provides highly-effective and economical blown arc air plasma surface treatment. The system allows for easier application and improved adhesion of coatings, adhesives, inks, labels and markings of all types. In-line treatment eliminates the need for costly chemical priming, etching and vacuum processes.

Enercon Industries Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a major manufacturer of equipment for the plastics and packaging industries. The company supplies custom built corona, flame and atmospheric plasma treating systems, and 3D plasma treaters for the plastics and rubber industries.