Plasma Treatment Industry Applications

Plasma Treatment cleans, etches and functionalizes plastic and metal surfaces to improve adhesion. Enercon plasma treatment solutions may be configured for a wide variety of industrial pretreatment applications for both web and films, as well as dimensional objects. The examples below highlight many industries where in-line plasma treating is used to improve throughput and product…

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Atmospheric Plasma – What is it and what is it good for

You may already know something about the benefits of plasma treatment; higher treatment (dyne) levels, extended life of treatment over time, reduced degradation of surface morphology and elimination of backside treatment. Enercon’s Plasma3™ & Plasma4™ surface treaters represent a new generation of surface treatment technology. They allow plasmas to be sustained at atmospheric pressure in…

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How to Prevent and Reduce Corona Treater Downtime with PRO Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Enercon power supplies are recognized for their reliability, but did you know their innovative features can prevent & reduce downtime? Enercon Compak™ Pro Power Supplies are compatible with any make or model corona treater station. So, whether you already own one or would like to benefit from these features, you won’t want to miss this…

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Measuring Surface Energy On Non-Woven Substrates

There is no easy way to determine changes in surface energy on non-woven and woven substrates and we know of no official standards such as an ASTM method but there is a procedure. There are several methods to characterize the surface energy of nonwovens fibers. Of these, contact angle is the most readily applied. One…

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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment for APTIV Film

Plasma Ready

After extensive market research and numerous customer requests, Victrex LLC embarked on a journey to develop a proprietary extrusion line to convert its PEEK resin into film. Mike Percy, Global Technical Leader at Victrex APTIV films says, “We felt there was a greater opportunity for PEEK polymerbased film (in the broader marketplace) if it was actively…

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