Wide array of breakthrough surface treatment technologies displayed at ICE USA

New Atmospheric Plasma Solutions Plasma4™ and Plasma Synergy™

Enercon presented Synergistic Plasma Technique for Achieving Remarkable Surface Adhesion at the ICE USA Conference Sponsored by AIMCAL.

This presentation shared technical data of a new atmospheric plasma process called Plasma Synergy™ which detailed the production of highly stable surface energy which produces significant step changes in peel adhesion strength. The data conclusively shows how this process out performs any existing single step treatment process.

The best features of Enercon’s fourth generation of production class technology are its breakthrough operating benefits. Plasma4™ offers the industry’s lowest gas consumption, eliminates electrode breakage and automatically adjusts treatment air gap. If you are interested in learning more about this technology contact us.

High Definition Corona for Printing, Coating and Laminating

Enercon’s  High Definition Corona treater with specially constructed ceramic electrodes has an extremely high dielectric constant and superior capability for high power densities. The system also has a unique ground roll design. Unlike conductive ceramic roll systems, Enercon's design features a proprietary ceramic blend formulation optimized for numerous application challenges. The High Definition corona system provides the industry’s best insurance against film wrinkling, puckering, pinholing and backside treatment. In addition, the system offers flexibility in its ability to treat both conductive and non-conductive films equally well.

Atmospheric Plasma for Folder Gluers

Enercon’s Dyne-A-Mite™ IT atmospheric plasma treaters are being utilized  for folding carton and window applications. The treater increases folding carton bond strength, enables faster folder gluer speeds, and can reduce cost be enabling the replacement of hot-set glues with cold set. The technology is effective at treating polyboard, specially coated surfaces, and UV lacquered surfaces.