Web Handling Best Practices for Surface Treating & Converting

Poor web handling creates trouble for your corona treater operations. In fact, poor web handling is often a hidden root cause of suspected treatment issues.

The good news is you can avoid these problems. The key is accurately defining your application so your corona treater supplier & OEM can employ the web handling techniques needed to ensure trouble-free treatment operations.

In this 30-minute webinar, we share expert insights on techniques used to properly handle films throughout the corona treating process.

Key Topics Include:

  • Poor web handling = poor corona treating
  • Film scratching, stretching & static
  • Backside treatment & adhesion issues
  • Defining key film & application variables
  • Solutions: Idler rolls, nips, drives & more

(If you also extrude film, please view our Web Handling Best Practices for Corona Treating on Film Extrusion Lines webinar.)

Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success.

Enercon is a global leader in surface treatment technology. Our innovative team of application experts developed this presentation to help you understand the best practices for corona treating for printing labels and packaging. With over 40 years of industrial equipment manufacturing expertise Enercon is an avid presenter at industry conferences, associations and events including the following:


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