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Enercon Interviewed Thomas Hatzilambros, Sales Manager at UTECO

Enercon closely partners with OEMs to ensure the latest cutting-edge technologies are supported by custom and reliable corona surface treating equipment. Below you will find some of the newest technologies in printing brought to you by Uteco.

What options do you have for remote support of your customers?

Uteco has developed after-sales services through which we guarantee the correct functioning of your Uteco machine remotely. Our machines are connected with a remote computer and data is received, catalogued and fed back to our engineers to keep our monitoring cycle working in real-time.

With the help of our machines’ digital interfaces, our customers have a constant communication channel with Uteco technicians. In addition to the digital services, our traditional support technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service and Support is also located in Kennesaw, GA in North America.

We also offer second level assistance through an advanced remote session allowing the operator to work remotely – hands free. Through augmented reality glasses, this gives the operator the ability to view drawings, digital manuals and the ability to access the simplified ticket system which allows customers to communicate directly with our operators in order to receive priority and specific assistance from the relevant department, all while allowing the operator to work hands free.

Uteco Data Acquisition Analysis

This feature allows us to connect, record, analyze, and process your machines’ data. It can generate reports on energy consumption, ink consumption and overall equipment efficiency reports. It is a scalable solution that fulfils a variety of needs for centralized data acquisition and reporting with web interface for production managers.

What are some of the latest printing technologies that you have introduced?

Uteco has introduced a flexo printing press with four different processes integrated in-line: An EB flexo printing with an EB lamination in line; plus, an automatic slitting unit and fully automatic unloading system for multi-reels delivery thanks to the new automatic rewinding with integrated unloading system for the final reels.

Onyx XS EcoOne was created for short and medium runs. In addition to guaranteeing high quality and maximum effeciency, this machine responds to the demands of the market and current legislation to reduce consumption and harmful emissions. It is equipped with EB3 technology wich uses electron beam drying inks in the printing process, obtaining certified and safe products particularly suitable for food packaging with reduced production costs.

Together with the printing, it carries out the coating and lamination processes, with instant polymerization due to the electron beam technology. The configuration is ergonomic and designed to simplify the operator’s work, from cleaning and maintenance to the control of printing processes.

Sapphire EVO Digital Press
Uteco recently introduced its latest digital printing capabilities with the Sapphire EVO Wide (53”) and Mid platforms (26.5”) to the market. This combines all the advantages of digital technology with superior print quality. The use of the Ultra Stream Continuous Inkjet Technology is ideal for short and medium runs, allowing you to optimize production times due to speedy job changes, reducing operating costs and keeping productivity high.

These latest digital platforms can achieve quality standards at the highest levels on film, paper and aluminum with speeds of 600 fpm for all types of flexible packaging. It respects the environment through its exclusive use of water-based digital inks. The Sapphire EVO configuration can be customized according to the customer’s specific printing needs.


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