Pattern Corona Treating Offers Flexibility for Pouches & Bags

Corona treatment is widely used by flexographic printers to control surface energy for successful ink adhesion. In most cases, treating the entire width of the web is required. However applications requiring selective treatment are becoming more popular.

Lane, Skip, & Pattern Treatment
Lane, Skip, and Pattern Treatment – Click on the image to zoom in and out.

Printing Stand-up Pouches
Stand-up pouches are made up of non-porous barrier films which require treatment prior to printing. However, corona treatment requirements for this application are unique. It is important to not corona treat the heat seal portion of the pouch.

If the heat seal section runs across the width of the web direction a skip treat controller is used. The controller automatically turns the corona treater on and off at precise times to create treated and untreated areas of the web.

If the heat seal areas are in lanes then a segmented treater is used. Segmented electrode treaters allow the printer to select lanes of treatment.

Pattern corona treating is more complex, but can be accomplished with a combination of skip treatment & lane treatment. This provides complete flexibility over the areas of the web which require treatment.

To learn more about pattern corona treating please contact Enercon’s application experts. They can help you determine which solution is right for you & offer a free trial run in our surface treating laboratory.