Malaysian Extruders & Converters Rely on Enercon Representative PS Equipments for Technology & Support

Release date: 9/13/2021

PSEQ’s General Manager Joseph Looi says that converters in Malaysia are moving towards non-solvent inks and adhesives. There are many benefits of water-based formulations including environmental, safety and lower costs. However, what many converters are quickly learning is that corona treatment is required to achieve successful adhesion with water based inks, coatings, laminations and adhesives.

Most films are chemically inert and have a low surface energy, which makes them hydrophobic. This prevents inks and coatings from wetting out and bonding with the film surfaces. Solvent-based formulations are more aggressive and are designed to bond with lower surface energy films. However, water-based formulations require higher surface energies and this is where corona treatment is used. Films are treated both at the time of extrusion and again in-line immediately prior to printing, coating or laminating.

Fortunately for converters in Malaysia, Enercon’s local representative, PSEQ, is an expert in this field with complete capabilities for consulting, troubleshooting, sales, service and commissioning of corona surface treaters. In addition to Enercon, the company represents numerous manufacturers with leading technologies. This collective expertise extends into all types of converting processes including extrusion, printing, laminating, coating, viscosity, drying and curing.

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