Kendall Packaging Uses New Equipment to Follow Its Mission

At a time when many companies are pulling back on capital spending, Kendall Packaging is seeking out systems and equipment consistent with its mission (to be guided at all times by the needs of its customers); contribute to productivity enhancement; and strengthen its competitive position.

Kendall’s investments include a Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC) Vision II eight-color press with a chambered ink metering system. They also rely on a BST Pro Mark Genius Digital web inspection system. Digital camera technology, dual 17-in. monitors (at the press console and at the central impression drum), and Virtual Repeat Technology, provide the user with a photographic quality image of the entire repeat. “With Genius you have a real clear picture and it’s very operator-friendly. And I can see the whole repeat, which is really cool. I use it all the time. says lead press,” operator Bobby McDaniel. Kendall also installed a Schiavi solventless laminator with an Enercon Universal-Roll corona treater. The laminator sets up fast, runs at 1,000 fpm, and requires only one operator. According to operator Glen Corn, “We feel it produces a better, clearer lamination compared to the gravure-type laminator. “

Kendall Laminating Line
Enercon's universal roll corona treating system adds to the productivity of Kendall's 1,000 fpm Schiavi laminator.